[ Unity Theatre, London, 1944. ] Unpublished typescript of the first Soviet thriller performed in London, under the title 'Comrade Detective': '"Face to Face" | A Soviet Thriller | by | Bros. Tour and L. Sheynin | Translated by Herbert Marshall'.

Herbert Marshall [ Herbert P. J. Marshall ] (1906-91), English Russophile author, filmmaker, theatre designer and husband of Fredda Brilliant (1903-99) [ Bros. Tour and L. Sheynin [ Herbert Marshall ]
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'All enquiries to: | HERBERT MARSHALL | 5, Kensington Palace Gardens, | W.8. | Tel. BAYswater 3214.' [ London, 1944. ]
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114pp., 4to. Typescript by May Hemery Ltd in black and red ink, with pages on rectos only. In black card covers, with label on front. In good condition, with light signs of age and wear, in worn covers. See Steve Nicholson, 'British theatre and the Red Peril: the Portrayal of Communism 1917-1945': 'Originally called 'Face to Face', 'Comrade Detective' was translated, designed and produced by Herbert Marshall on the suggestion of the wife of the Soviet Ambassador. It was staged by Unity in December 1944.' According to Russia Today Newsletter, published in London in 1944, the play was 'the first Soviet thriller to be seen over here', and was 'A Soviet thriller will be the next production at Unity Theatre, London. It is entitled 'Comrade Detective' and is translated from the Russian of Tour and Sheynin by Herbert Marshall. It is an action play in the fullest meaning of the word, and the theme is the frustration of Gestapo agents at work in the Soviet Union by the vigilance of ordinary citizens.' Marshall was said to have 'translated the play from the Russian, produced it, plays the leading part (alternate weeks), and even shares the honours of the decor'. OCLC WorldCat has no record of any English translation of the play.