[ Darwinism and Huxley ] Protoplasm, Powheads, Porwiggles; and the Evolution of the Horse from the Rhinoceros; illustrating Professor Huxley's Scientific Mode of Getting up the Creation and Upsetting Moses.

Anonymous [ John Allan ] Darwinism; Evolution; T.H. Huxley ]
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Aberdeen: A. Brown & Co., Edinburgh & London, 1875.
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Sub-title "A Guide for Electors in Choosing Lord Rectors". Pamphlet, [iv].35pp., 8vo, disbound, lacking wraps, minor defects, good condition. Ascribed to a 'John Allan' in COPAC entries. Note: A contribution to the background of Victorian science and Darwin, a lampoon of Huxley when seeking election as Rector of the University of Aberdeen and an attack on Darwinism. Scarce.