[ Pamphlet. ] A Commune for London, by H. M. Hyndman, Author of the "Historical Basis of Socialism in England"; "The Bankruptcy of India"; "England for All"; "The Coming Revolution in England," &c.

H. M. Hyndman [ Henry Mayers Hyndman (1842-1921); Justice Printery, London ]
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Printed and published at JUSTICE PRINTERY, 181, Queen Victoria Street, E.C. No date [ circa 1889 ].
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16pp., 12mo. Disbound. In good condition, on aged paper. P.6: 'What, however, is the object at which we should aim? Surely at providing such a machinery of government for the metropolis that the people themselves can manage their own business. How can that object be attained? Manifestly only through annual election to all offices by universal suffrage; those offices being well but not excessively paid. Centralised control would be a natural growth out of local management; close watchfulness over parochial business would leap up to an ordered combination for all parts of the city area.' Covering the last page is an advertisement ('Object' and 'Programme') for the Social-Democratic Federation. Scarce.