[ Pamphlet. ] A Summary of the Principles of Socialism. Written for the Democratic Federation, by H. M. Hyndman and William Morris.

H. M. Hyndman and William Morris [ The Democratic Federation, London ]
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London: The Modern Press, 13 and 14, Paternoster Row, E.C. 1884.
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62pp., 12mo. Disbound without covers. In fair condition, on aged paper, and separated into two parts at pp.16-17. The title-page only gives Hyndman and Morris as the authors, but In type, at end, is the following: 'Signed the Executive Committee of the Democratic Federation, | E. Belfort Bax. | Herbert Burrows. | R. D. Butler. | H. H. Champion, | Hon. Secretary. | W. J. Clark, | Lecture Secretary. | H. A. Fuller. | H. M. Hyndman, | Chairman. | J. L. Joynes. | Tom. S. Lemon. | James Macdonald. | William Morris, | Hon. Treasurer | James F. Murray. | H. Quelch. | A. Scheu. | Helen Taylor. | John E. Williams.' Scarce.