[ Percy Nash, English film director. ] Unpublished pantomimes: typewritten drafts of 'Cinders | A Tabloid Version of a Famous Story' and 'Sweet Cinderella | The Flower of the Family'; 'Puss in Boots' and 'Sinbad the Sailor'.

Percy Nash [ Percy Cromwell Nash ] (1869-1958), pioneering British film director and dramatist
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Nash's address given on 'Sweet Cinderella" as 2 Bristol Court West | Marine Parade | Brighton'.The other two items without place. None of the three dated.
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The four items in fair condition, on lightly aged paper. Typed on rectos only, and with all three attached with brass studs. From the Percy Nash papers. ONE: 'Cinders | A Tabloid Version of a Famous Story' [ retitled in manuscript from 'Cinderella | A Fantasy in Two Parts'. 16pp., 4to. Characters include 'The Baron Orpington . . . A Henpecked Old Bird' and 'Prince Ministroni . . . The Broth of a Boy'. With a few minor manuscript changes. Referred to as 'our Pantomime' in the finale. TWO: 'Sweet Cinderella| The Flower of the Family | Potted by | Percy Nash'. 9pp., 8vo. Same characters and expanded 'finale'. On first page: 'There will be an Interval to allow for an elaborate change of Scenes, and to enable the Audience to decide whether the Author should be allowed to roam the Earth or be led gently away to a Mental Home. | Costumes by D. Nude et Cie | Wigs by Herr Bristle | Dances arranged by Signor Jiggitoff. | N.B. This Programme is subject to Altercation.' THREE: 'Sinbad the Sailor | Pantomime | version by Percy Nash'. 12pp., 4to. With carbon copy. FOUR: 'Puss in Boots'. 31pp., 4to. With a number of minor manuscript emendations, and a revised typed 'Chorus of Villagers' overlaid over earlier version in Act One. The last page carries a list of 'Musical Numbers'. No author named, but similar in tone and layout to the other two items, and the initials 'PN' pencilled in next to a couple of musical numbers.