[ Lord Nugent, Irish politician and writer. ] Original Autograph Manuscript of the commencement of his tale 'The Confessions of A Suspicioius Gentleman. | by Lord Nugent'. With numerous emendations and deletions,

Lord Nugent [ George Nugent-Grenville, 2nd Baron Nugent of Carlanstown ] (1788-1850), Irish Whig politician and writer
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Without place or date. On paper watermarked 'P EVERITT | 1827'. First published in London in 1830.
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9pp., folio. On five leaves of aged and worn paper. Heavily reworked, with numerous deletions and additions. Headed 'The Confessions of A [amended from 'The'] Suspicious Gentleman. | by Lord Nugent'. The present short story was first published in 'The Musical Bijou' for 1830, and was reprinted in 'The Polar Star' (abridged) and 'New York Mirror', before being collected in an anthology by Nugent and his Wife, 'Legends of the Library at Lilies, by the Lord and Lady there' (London: Longman, 1832), pp.51-91. The present text ends abruptly at the end of the ninth page, and corresponds with the first fourteen pages (pp.51-64) of the 1832 text. None of the numerous deletions (including passages of eight and five lines) feature in the printed text. Nugent's writing was well-regarded, and his 1831 biography of John Hampden was praised by the historian Thomas Babington Macaulay.