Autograph Letter Signed to (Charles Edward) Fagan.

Arthur Donaldson Smith
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25 January 1895; Barre.
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American physician and explorer of Africa (1866-1939). The recipient was Assistant Secretary at the Natural History Museum, London. One page, 12mo. Good, on slightly discoloured paper, and with remains of stub still neatly attached to one edge. A significant letter, sent on the eve of Donaldson Smith's most notable expedition. 'Just a line in haste to tell you I & Dodson [a taxidermist engaged for the expedition] are ready to start for Rudolph Gillitt [another taxidermist] having left for England after hearing of his father's death. | I send a lot of specimens to the museum & I trust they may find amny interesting ones among them.' Sends regards to Mrs Fagan and 'to Horace'. Signed 'A. Donaldson Smith'.