[ Jack Pulman, British screenwriter. ] Collection of material from his personal papers, including typescripts, drafts and correspondence relating to various projects including the 1970 film 'The Executioner'; and folders of film industry material.

Jack Pulman (1925-1979), British screenwriter [ Charles H. Schneer; Ameran Films; George Peppard; Sam Wannamaker; Columbia Pictures ]
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From London and other locations. Dating from between 1964 and 1975.
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From the Jack Pulman papers. Pulman's distinguished career is well described on the British Film Institute's website. His work for British and American television gained him plaudits as an 'adaptor-extraordinary', beginning with a 1965 version of Thomas Mann's 'Buddenbrooks' for the BBC, and including Henry James's 'Portrait of a Lady' (BBC, 1968) and 'The Golden Bowl' (1972), as well as 'David Copperfield' (NBC, 1970), 'Jane Eyre' (NBC, 1971), 'War and Peace' (BBC, 1973), and the controversial 'I, Claudius' (BBC, 1976). He was also responsible for the two feature films 'The Executioner' (1970) and 'Kidnapped' (1971). The material is in good condition, with light signs of age and wear. In the following description the first four items relate to the 1970 Columbia Pictures film 'The Executioner', directed by Sam Wannamaker and starring George Peppard. ONE: Typescript of draft dated 4 March 1969, with title 'The Lord High Executioner'. Screenplay by Jack Pulman, based on a story by Jack Pulman and Gordon McDonell. Property of Ameran Films Limited, 13 Wigmore Street, London W1. Signed by Pulman with phone number on title-page. 147pp. With a few minor alterations in pencil. TWO: Undated typescript of later draft, also titled 'The Lord High Executioner', with same details as earlier draft. In manuscript on front cover: 'MASTER COPY'. 137pp. Autograph annotations in pencil throughout. THREE: Typescript material relating to 'The Executioner', including two different step outlines, two synopses (one dated 'about mid November 67'); 'Changes agreed to Step Outline'; 'Observations on “The Lord High Executioner”'; discussion of character 'Crawford'; 'thought line' for 'eliminating the “Chinese Switch”'; seventeen-point synopsis of scenes from film, with autograph annotations in pencil, dated to February 1969; discussion of suggested change, assuming 'that Booth and Crawford have decided to defect'; bundle of pages of miscellaneous added text, some marked 'Amended', 'Rewrite' or 'New', and some with autograph emendations; also eleven pages of miscellaneous autograph notes by Pulman. FOUR: Folder of material relating to 'The Executioner'. Mainly comprising detailed letters from Charles H. Schneer of Ameran Films, commenting on the development of the script, with copies of Pulman's letters in response; also correspondence relating to a dispute over the credits between Pulman and Gordon McDonell; also copy of seven-page letter from George Peppard to Sam Wanamaker, 19 February 1969; an intelligent and percipient discussion of Pulman's screenplay; copy letters to Schneer from Sam Wanamaker, John Van Eyssen of Columbia Productions; Roger Burford of Christopher Mann Ltd; press cutting of review, with autograph note to Pulman from Betsy Newman; copy of three-page letter from John Trevelyan of the British Board of Film Censors to Schneer, giving advice on how to 'be discreet about the sex and avoid excesses in the scenes of violence' in order to gain an 'A' certificate. Items Five to Nine consist of folders of correspondence and other material relating to various projects. FIVE: 'Arch of Triumph': small folder of undated material relating to Pulman's adaptation of E. M. Remarque's book for Omnibus Films (circa 1973). The manuscript material comprises: nineteen pages of notes under the heading 'Book'; thirteen pages headed 'Continuity'; and a nine-page synopsis. Typed texts include`: 'Screenstory Continuity'; 'Joan Madou | Thumb-nail Sketch of Remarque's Heroine'; 'Continuity to the End'. SIX: 'David Copperfield': folder of material relating to the 1969 20th Century Fox 'television special', directed by Delbert Mann. Including large bundle of miscellaneous typed drafts of passages, including twenty-three and twenty-nine page drafts of the prologue (the former with autograph emendations); various synopses. Together with three pages of autograph notes. Also a few items of correspondence, including a couple of cast lists. SEVEN: Omnibus Productions (Frederick Brogger & Associates): folder of material, 1971-1975. Including correspondence from Brogger; copies of responses from Pulman; solicitors' letters; accounts. Relating to Pulman's work with Brogger in the early 1970s ('The Sun in Splendour', 'Arch of Triumph'), his position as as an Omnibus director until his resignation in 1973; his legal action against Brogger for payment of fees. The correspondence with Brogger remains cordial throughout, with Pulman giving news of his activities and plans. EIGHT: 'Fifth Paw of the Lion': folder of material relating to Pulman's reworking for Charles Schneer's Ameran Films of a script by Geoffrey Jenkins, 1964-1967. Includes correspondence, copies of correspondence, summaries, 'Screenplay treatment and Story-line Step-Down'. NINE: Small folder of miscellaneous material, with 'David and Catriona' in manuscript on front cover. Includes material relating to the film 'Kidnapped'; copies of correspondence; press cuttings. Items Ten to Seventeen comprise typescripts and drafts of various works by Pulman. TEN: 'Arch of Triumph'. ('Omnibus presents Arch of Triumph by Erich Remarque | A Major Television Special'.) (Omnibus Productions Ltd, 59 South Audley Street, London W1.) 41pp. ELEVEN: 'Crime and Punishment' by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Dramatised by Jack Pulman. Part Two. 'Producer: Jonathan Powell | Director: Desmond Davis | Script Editor: Betty Willingale'. 'Rehearsal scipt'. 111pp. TWELVE: 'The Cyprus Story'. By Jack Pulman. (Kenneth Shipman, 41-42 Dover Street, London W1). 152pp. THIRTEEN: 'Echo from afar'. In manuscript on front of folder: '“Echo from afar” | TV version'. 86pp. With number of miscellaneous amendments and rewrites on leaves loosely inserted at end. FOURTEEN: 'The Happy Apple'. First Draft Screenplay by Jack Pulman. (Betty E. Box/Ralph Thomas, Welbeck Film Distributors Ltd, Pinewood Studios, Iver Heath, Bucks.) Dated September 1971. 109pp. FIFTEEN: 'Matchless'. In pencil on title-page: 'June, July, August 1966 | by Jack Pulman'. 199pp. SIXTEEN: 'Operation Overthink'. By Jack Pulman, 31 Steele's Rd, London, NW3. 46pp. SEVENTEEN: 'Still Life'. By Jack Pulman. A New Play for Television. (Colwood Manor East, Bolney, Sussex.) 76pp. With a few autograph emendations in pencil. Items Eighteen and Nineteen are typescripts which do not appear to have any connection with Pulman, and may be in his archive through his arbitration work for the Writers' Guild. EIGHTEEN: 'The Age Kick'. A Comedy in Three Acts by Roderick Eddison, 17 Molyneux Street, London N1. (A 'Robert F. Eddison', describing himself as an 'until recently homeless liberal', had a letter published from the same address in the Spectator in 1973. There is no record on COPAC of anything published under either name.) NINETEEN: 'Looking for a Play'. Folder of jumbled typescript of play, with manuscript emendations; also numerous pages of manuscript notes in pencil. In pencil on cover: 'David Cunliffe | Station House | Stone Bridge Park | Wembley | Middx'.