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Philip James Bailey (1816-1902), Victorian poet, author of ‘Festus’ and considered the father of the ‘spasmodic’ school of verse

[Philip James Bailey, Victorian ‘spasmodic’ poet.] Autograph Document Signed, giving a ten-line extract from his celebrated poem, ‘Festus’.

Bailey’s entry in the Oxford DNB describes the ‘remarkable popularity’ of the second edition of Festus in America: ‘seventeen ‘editions’ of a version pirated in Boston were called for in the first nine years, and it was also reprinted numerous times in Philadelphia, Louisville, and New York....

Literature £220.00 FESTUS
Prince George Sergeievitch Romanovsky, Imperial Russian Consul General at San Francisco, 1917-1923 [Russian Legations in Tehran, Persia?]

[Prince George Sergeievitch Romanovsky, Imperial Russian Consul General at San Francisco, 1917-1923.] Autograph Letter Signed, in French, written on eve of Russian Revolution, recalling times in Tehran, Persia [at the Russian Legation?].

2pp, 4to. 41 lines, including postscript, in green ink. On aged and brittle air mail paper, with chipping and discoloration at the head, resulting in some loss to printed letterhead, but with text clear and entire. Addressed to ‘Mon cher ami’ and with valediction from ‘Ton très dévoué ami’. The...

Queen Charlotte’s Island [Haida Gwai, British Columbia, Canada; the Queen Charlotte Islands; the Queen Charlottes; Frederick Peel, MP; Duke of Newcastle; Governor Douglas]

[‘Discovery of Gold at Queen Charlotte’s Island.”] Printed paper: ‘Further Return to an Address of the Honourable The House of Commons, dated 16 June 1853; - for, Copies or Extracts of Correspondence [...] Colonial Office, 8 August 1853 [...]'.

Certainly a very scarce item. JISC only lists one physical copy, at the British Library. 12pp, foolscap 8vo. Stabbed as issued. In fair condition, on worn, discoloured paper. A ‘Schedule’ at the start lists four numbers ‘in Series’: ‘Governor Douglas to the Duke of Newcastle’, 11 April 1853, ‘...

Ralph Bernal (1783-1854), Whig politician of Sephardic Jewish extraction, archaeologist, slave owner and art collector

[Ralph Bernal, Whig politician, slave owner and art collector.] Autograph Signature to frank addressed to William Smith, with postmark.

See his entries in the Oxford DNB and History of Parliament. Frank cover, laid out in the customary fashion, on 12.5 x 7 cm panel cut from front of envelope. In fair condition, on lightly aged paper. Usual red frank postmark: ‘FREE / 29JA29 / 1831’. Reads: ‘London January twenty nine 1831 /...

Art and Architecture £28.00 BERNAL
San Juan Island, Washington State; Lord John Russell; Lord Lyons; General Lewis Cass; Captain Pickett; Captain Bazalgette; Assistant-General Pleasonton

[San Juan Island, Washington State.] Printed paper: 'Correspondence respecting the Island of San Juan. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty. 1860.'

The correspondence concerns the need to prevent a 'collision between the American and British authorities on the island' (the American General Harney is quoted as saying that 'he is satisfied that any attempt of the British Commander to ignore this right of the territory will be followed by...

Sarah Trimmer [née Kirby] (1741-1810), educationalist, author, educationalist and editor of ‘The Family Magazine’ and ‘The Guardian of Education’

[Sarah Trimmer, author, educationalist and editor.] Autograph Signature with valediction to a letter.

See her entry in the Oxford DNB. On 12.5 x 3 cm slip of paper cut from letter. Aged and worn, with nick lost from left side, and remains of mount on reverse. Reads: ‘I remain / Yours very truly & affectionately / Sarah Trimmer’. See Image.

£50.00 Sarah Trimmer
Shakespeare Memorial Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon [William Salt Brassington (1859-1939), archaeologist; Evan Marlett Boddy (c.1847-1934), FRCS; Stewart Dick; Edgar Flower; Archibald Flower]

[Shakespeare Memorial Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon.] 37 items, including 21 ALsS from librarian W. S. Brassington to one of the Theatre’s governors, Dr E. M. Boddy, regarding his gift of portraits to Shakespeare Memorial, and resulting disagreement.

The Shakespeare Memorial Theatre was founded through the efforts of local brewer Charles Edward Flower (1830-1892), after whose death its management was taken over by his brother Edgar Flower (1833-1903), also Chairman of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. On Edgar’s death these duties fell to...

Sir Arthur Hodgson (1818-1902), Australian squatter and politician involved in the deaths of hundreds of aborigines, and later Mayor of Stratford-upon-Avon [Evan Marlett Boddy (c.1847-1934)]

[Sir Arthur Hodgson, Australian squatter and politician.] Autograph Letter in the third person, thanking ‘Marcian’ [Evan Marlett Boddy?] for his ‘brochure’ ‘Relics of the late William Shakespeare’.

Hodgson’s entry in the Australian Dictionary of Biography omits to mention the fact that the territory named Eton Vale which he squatted with his brother Christopher Pemberton Hodgson (1821-1865), was taken by force from the Barunggam people, and that, as the brother recalled in 1848, ‘so many...

Sir George Sinclair (1790-1868), 2nd Baronet, Scottish Whig politician and author, friend of Bryon’s at Harrow, personally interrogated as a spy by Napoleon Bonaparte

[Sir George Sinclair, 2nd Baronet, Scottish Whig politician, schoolfriend of Byron, interrogated by Napoleon Bonaparte.] Autograph Letter Signed to James Cockell, editor of the Mirror of Parliament, regarding copies of parliamentary speeches by him.

See his entry in the Oxford DNB. It was in October of 1806 that a sixteen year-old Sinclair was arrested as a spy near Jena, and brought before Napoleon, who examined him and ordered his release. 1p, 16mo. On heavily aged, creased and worn paper with light staining above the signature, and strip...

History £90.00 George Sinclair
Sir Richard Runciman Terry (1864-1938), organist, choir master and musicologist, Master of Music at Westminster Cathedral [Dr William James Phillips (1873-1963)]

[Sir Richard Runciman Terry, musicologist and choirmaster at Westminster Cathedral.] Autograph Letter Signed to Dr. W. J. Phillips, with ‘Copy of Testimonial’ in favour of Phillips' application as organist and choirmaster at Salisbury Cathedral.

See Terry’s entry in the Oxford DNB. At the time of writing Dr. W. J. Phillips was the organist at St Barnabas, Pimlico; he was unsuccessful in the present application, but was subsequently organist of the Chapel Royal at Hampton Court. See his entry in Humphreys and Evans, ‘Dictionary of...