[ T.C. Newby, publisher ] Autograph Letter Signed "TC Newby" to J.T.J. Hewlett, author of 'Peter Priggins. The College Scout"., making an offer on a novel and explaining his thinking,somewhat incoherent (c.time of publication of "Wuthering Heights").

.T.C. Newby, publisher (Brontes etc)
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No place or date [ Watermark 1845 ]
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Two pages, 12mo, fold marks, good condition. "I waited [to give] my reply to your note that I might get some information to guide me in my decision. I regret that my impression as to the danger of bringing out a work which has already appeared in Magazine [...] & consequently all I should feel inclined to do would be to risk the producing the work, & to give you 50£ upon its reaching a sale of 250 copies, or if you consider it more advantageous to receive 25£ upon a sale of 200, & a further sum of 25£ upon the sale of £250 & 25£ upon every further sale of 50 copies. I can only regret that the state of the novel market compels me to make such a miserable offer & to hope that your impression of a change for the better is not far distant [...]" Note: A. "Wuthering Heights" was offered to Newby in 1847 who apparently offered £50; B. Presumably Hewlett was offering his "Great Tom of Oxford" or "Dunster Castle" (both published in 1846) . Perhaps he had suggested serialising one to stimulate Newby's words about "appearing in Magazine". With Autograph Note Signed "T Newby" (as above), one page 16mo, "72 Mortimer Street", 14 Feb. 1846[?], [J. Newby?], looking forward to a meeting to discuss Hewlett's "series of papers" (periodical unknown)