[ Printed book. ] Forged, Anonymous, and Suspect Documents.

Captain Arthur J. Quirke, B.A.; with a foreword by John A. Costello, K.C.
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London: George Routledge & Sons, Ltd., Broadway House, 68-74 Carter Lane, E.C. 1930.
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xii + 282pp., 8vo. Brown cloth gilt. A good copy, on lightly-aged paper, in lightly-worn binding. Neat and unobtrusive ownership inscriptions on front endpapers. The author is described on the title-page as 'Captain Arthur J. Quirke, B.A. Handwriting Analyst to the Department of Justice, Attorney-General and Police Headquarters, Irish Free State', and the writer of the foreword as 'John A. Costello, K.C. Attorney-General, Irish Free State'. In his preface Quirke describes the book as 'a first-aid manual [...] the advances made in graphological research during the last two decades have been enormous. It is high time that in the realm of criminalistic graphology, due note were taken of this progress.' Among the books fourteen chapters are ones on: 'The Physiological Analysis of Handwriting', 'The Psychology of Handwriting', 'The Microscope and the Camera in the Analysis of Handwriting and Documents', 'Ultra-Violet Rays, Wratten Filter Photography, Fluorescence-Analysis, and Fluorescence-Photography' and 'Police Investigations'.