[ Edward Daniel Clarke, Professor of Mineralogy at Cambridge University. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Edward Daniel Clarke') [ to the Admiralty ] on behalf of his kinsman Lieutenant Edward Chappell, who has been delayed in his return to his ship.

Edward Daniel Clarke (1769-1822), antiquary, traveller, and Professor of Mineralogy in Cambridge University
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Trumpington. 12 February 1814.
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3pp., 4to. In good condition, lightly-aged, on two leaves each neatly cut out of a windowpane mount. He feels apprehensive at writing to a stranger, but feels compelled to do so, because of 'the greater anxiety I feel for the welfare of a young relation now beneath my roof, Mr. Edward Chappell, Lieutenant of the Rosamond'. He explains Chappell had 'obtained ten days leave of absence from his Ship, to come all the way from Plymouth, and see his friends, after an absence of four years; and to get his Clothes &c made, & every necessary article refitted for another Voyage', but that he was delayed owing to the 'state of the public roads owing to the late heavy fall of Snow'. He was granted an extension of his leave by his ship, but the Lords Commissioners have informed him that 'his time was out when he made the application'.