[ Finland, The Winter War with the Soviet Union, 1939-1940. ] Duplicated Typescript [ by the Communist Party of Great Britain ], headed 'FINLAND', defending the Soviet Union over its actions in the Winter War, 1939-1940.

[ Finland: the Winter War with the Soviet Union, 1939-1940; Communist Party of Great Britain; Jimmy Shields (1900-1949) ]
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Without details or date. [ Communist Party of Great Britain, London. Circa 1939. ]
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3pp., 8vo. In fair condition, single-spaced, on three leaves of aged and worn paper, held together with a small rusted pin. Designed to clearly state the party line. Begins: 'If we want to understand what is going on, we must understand the Background.' Sections titled 'The Background' and 'The Attitude of Britain' follow. A key section reads: 'But whatever people think - the Russian Government decided that the time was ripe to take control of the Baltic. They were not frightened of Finland or the Finns - but they were apprehensive of Finland in conjunction with the great powers. Hence their negotiations with the Finnish Government. | The Finnish Government would not agree to the Soviet terms. | It was reported here on Nov. 1st. that pressure was being brought to bear on the Finns by the British, the French and the Germans - that they must resist the Soviet Demands. With that object in view Mr. Tanner was sent with the delegation to Moscow. At the same time the United States took a hand offering Finand moral support. Obviously there was no chance of control of the Gulf of Finland by negotiations. What was the alternative? The only alternative was to get control by Force.' The source of the document is not given, but it derives from the papers of Jimmy Shields of the International Department of the Communist Party of Great Britain. Apparently unpublished.