[ Children's Book ] The Golden Casket: A Treasury of Tales for Young People

Mary Howitt, editor [ John Palmer, illustrator ]
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James Hogg & Sons, London [1861].
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415pp., 8vo, mauve embossed cloth gilt, all edges gilt, corners bumped, wear to top and bottom spine, lettering sl., faded, hinge strains. School prize label (Dartmouth Grove School, Blackheath, front ep.). Authors included: Mrs Hery Wood, Eliza Meteyard, C. von Schmidt, Mrs S.C. Hall, William Howitt, "from the Old Danish", W.H.G. Kingston, Ottilie Wildermuth, "the Author of 'An Art Student in Munich'", Leon Gozlan). Scarce (no copy currently on the market except Kessinger ed.; six copies listed on COPAC/WorldCat.)