[ Gallipoli; Dardenelles ] Chief Officer's Rough Log of the 'Government Transport Service' of HM Transport 'Clan Macrae' in the Mediterranean as part of the Gallipoli Campaign.

Log book of HM Transport Clan Macrae (Captain Alex R. Weir) during the Gallipoli Campaign, 1916 [Clan Line Association of Steamers, Glasgow]
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5 April 1915 to 14 June 1916. Departing from Liverpool and returning to Glasgow, refitted at Alexandria, and taking in Imbros, Kephalo Bay, Port Said, Port Murdro and other destinations.
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4to, 346 pp. Divided into two sections, each on different printed forms, bound together in contemporary red calf 4to half- binding (with ticket of Smith & Lane, Printers, 15 Bridge St, Sydney. Text clear and complete, on aged and foxed paper. Binding worn and stained. Part One: 5 April 1915 to 31 January 1916. 4to (leaf dimensions 30 x 25 cm), 252 pp. Part Two: 1 February to 14 June 1916. 4to (leaf dimensions 32 x 25 cm), 94 pp. In a variety of hands, the second section being described as being kept by 'The officers of s/s 'Clan Macrae''. Containing the usual detailed information, down to the names of the lookouts. Of especial interest are the copious 'Remarks' by each entry, providing a wealth of background information. For example, the entry for 4 July 1915 ('At Kephalo Bay'): Com. discharging cases of tinned meat into Lighter from No. I Hold. 2/30 S.B.B. Ree orders from Destroyer to <?> to Imbros Is. as quicklyu as possible. Submarine having been sighted close to 2/35 Com. heaving up anchor 2/38 Under fire from shore & S/S. Hit by two shells [one of the shells pierced the boat deck & entered 3rd Engineers cabin completely wrecking & setting it on fire, the other shell hit amidships on port side damaging plating & <?>] 2/45 Full ahd 2/49 Stop. 2/55 Anchor up & Full away 3/30 Red. Speed app. "Kephalo Bay" 3/47 Slow 4/00 Cleared Booms 4/13 Half astern 4/15 Let go Port anchor in 9fthms. water 4/20. 3/3. Brought up 45 fthms. of Chain & R.O.E.' Refitted at Alexandria by 'Government workmen' from 25 April to 5 May 1915. Used to transport soldiers, equipment and provisions (25 May 1915, while anchored at Imbros Harbour, 'Two Boats lowered & 35 Australian soldiers transferred to S/S. "Seang Bee"'). Remark on 28 December 1915 ('At Anchor Kephalo Bay'): '3/30 pm. Hostile airship over harbour and dropped bombs. H.M. 3 ships replied with gunfire and drove same off.'