Printed and manuscript material relating to the Band of the Royal Regiment of Artillery [Royal Artillery Band], including notes made by Quartermaster Sergeant E. A. Reynolds for the musicologist Herbert George Farmer, concert programmes, staff lists.

[The Band of the Royal Regiment of Artillery [Royal Artillery Band, Woolwich]; Quartermaster Sergeant Edward Arthur Reynolds; Herbert George Farmer (1882-1965), musicologist]
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[Royal Artillery Band, Woowich.] Dating from between 1902 and 1952.
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The collection of more than 100 items is in good condition, on lightly-aged paper, apart from a damp-damaged notebook (see below). It derives from the papers of E. A. Reynolds, who was referred to in two works by Henry George Farmer. First, in his 'Cavaliere Zavertal and the Royal Artillery Band' (1951), Famer acknowledges 'the valuable assistance of Edward A. Reynolds, Esq., formerly Quarter-Master-Sergeant of the Royal Artillery Band.' And secondly, in his 'History of the Royal Artillery Band, 1762-1953' (1953) he writes: 'To old members of the Band who have replied to enquiries I tender my appreciation. One at least of these has to be mentioned by name - E. A. Reynolds Esq., a former Q.M.S. of the Band. His work on behalf of this book has been untiring. He has searched - at my request - garrison and other order books from the 1760's up to the Crimean War, and has visited the P.R.O. and the British Museum at my wish so as to secure relevant extracts.' The present collection can be divided into the following ten sections. ONE: 27 handwritten receipts from different band members, dating from between 1902 and 1906 (mainly from Woolwich), for monies received from the Royal Artillery Band Burial Fund (presumably for playing at funerals). TWO: 4 letters (three carbon copies and one original Autograph Letter Signed) relating to surplus instruments, all dating from 1910; two on letterheads of the Royal Artillery Band Office, Woolwich, and one on letterhead of 'H.M. Royal Garrison Artillery Band (Dover.)'. THREE: 4 items (three mimeographed circulars and one in manuscript) relating to the 'Disposal of Instruments' in 1911, including manuscript 'Bandmaster's Report. Store Instruments. R.A. Band 15. 4. 11 [15 April 1911]', signed by E. C. Stretton, 1p., folio. FOUR: 2 printed forms (one for 'Military Band' and the other for 'String Band') from 1923, each 1p., folio, completed in pencil and giving names of 'Officers and Musicians' who are to attend. FIVE: 21 miscellaneous manuscript documents, in various formats, including receipts (E. Fairbrother & Co., Bakers, Woolwich; Royal Artillery Canteen, Woolwich; Greenwich Borough Council); 'List of Engagements paid by Mr. Mansfield late Sergt Major, from which money is due from him, to the Royal Artillery Band Burial Fund' (2pp., 4to, in red ink); lists of members, each with 'Date of Enlistment or joining Club' (4pp., 4to); directions to venues; lists of band members; accounts. SIX: 28 leaves of notes by Reynolds for Farmer, in various formats, mostly in autograph but with a few typed, containing extracts, transcriptions, and lists of information relating to the RAB; together with two cuttings and several request slips from the Public Record Office and British Museum. SEVEN: Folder containing both a manuscript and typed version of an anonymous text on military music; the manuscript in pencil, heavily damaged in the remains of a 12mo notebook; the typescript 3pp., 4to. EIGHT: 14 printed programmes, dating from between 1915 and 1926, in a variety of formats from 4to downwards, for concerts featuring the RAB under the conductor E. C. Stretton, at venues including the Grand Theatre, Havre (1915 and 1916); Vernon Park, Stockport (two from 1924); the Royal Academy of Arts (1926); two Scandinavia venues (1923); Chough Musical Society (1924); and five National Sunday League Concerts (Croydon Empire; Finsbury Park Empire; three at the London Palladium). NINE: Three copies of small sign in bold letters reading: 'R.A. BAND. | GOTHENBERG | TO | LONDON.' TEN: Three letters to Reynolds (as 'Reg') from the musicologist Henry George Farmer, all signed 'Henry', two typed and the other in autograph; one of the typed letters dated 7 August 1952 and the other two undated. Farmer explains that he is 'in the throes of the History of the R.A.B., and all sorts of things crop up, which I cannot solve without your generous help'; and gives details of the first two chapters, which are 'fairly hefty chapters of over a hundred folios, so you can guess the size that the book will make, with 6 more chapters of far greater dimensions'.