[ Edward Marjoribanks, biographer of Sir Edward Marshall Hall. ] Fine piece of calligraphy, on vellum, from the Marshall Hall papers: Marjoribanks's poem on Hall, 'A Great Advocate'

Edward Marjoribanks (1900-1932), barrister and Conservative MP, biographer of the distinguished advocate Sir Edward Marshall Hall (1858-1927)
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Place and date not stated. [ London, 1927, 1928 or 1929. ]
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On one side of a 20 x 15 cm piece of vellum. Main text in black ink. Sonnet titled 'A Great Advocate', with author's name 'Edward Marjoribanks' at foot. From the papers of Sir Edward Marshall Hall, and presumably produced for his widow, possibly by the author. (Hall's widow is said to have claimed that on reading this poem he appeared to her in a vision - the Halls were keen spiritualists - directing that Marjoribanks write his biography. The book was published in 1929.) Title, capitals of octave and sestet, and author's name in red ink. In very good condition. A very nice piece of traditional calligraphy, with the light pencil guide lines still visible. A superior example of such verses, beginning: 'Fold the worn silk, and let the wig be laid | Into its battered box: their work is done | For ever; now the final case is won, | The long term closes, the last speech is made.' Ends: '[...] but some will not forget, | And, till they die, must reverence the name | Of him, who, as they struggled in the net, | Rose in his strength, & to their rescue came.' Note: Marjoribanks committed suicide at the age of 32.