[ Sir Edward Marshall Hall, distinguished barrister. ] His own red silk rosette, with blue centre, for electioneering in Liverpool East Toxteth.

Sir Edward Marshall Hall (1858-1927), distinguished barrister and Conservative Member of Parliament for Southport, 1900-1906, and Liverpool East Toxteth, 1910-1916
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[ Liverpool. 1910 or 1916. ]
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From the papers of Sir Edward Marshall Hall. The rosette, diameter 13cm., has a ruffled border of two layers of red silk, and a Conservative blue interior, diameter 7cm., with two 13 x 5.5cm. ribbons of red silk hanging down. Embroidered on the rosette in thick gold thread: 'EAST TOXTETH | M H'. Safety pin on reverse. In good condition, still bright, lightly aged and worn. Such items would have been produced by London military tailors like Gieves and Hawkes. Marshall Hall's entry in the Oxford DNB deals briefly with his political career: 'Success introduced Marshall Hall to politics, and in 1900 he was elected Conservative member for the Southport division of Lancashire. He retained the seat until 1906, and represented the East Toxteth division of Liverpool from 1910 to 1916. However, an unfortunate maiden speech, a superficial knowledge of politics, an inability to make speeches in the House of Commons that were as effective as those in court, and a failure to associate himself with any of the major political issues of the day meant that he made no mark in parliament.'