[ Sir Thomas Grantham, suppressor of 'Bacon's Rebellion', Virginia, 1676. ] Autograph Signature ('Tho: Grantham') on printed Exchequer receipt, completed in manuscript.

Sir Thomas Grantham (bap.1641, died 1718), Commander of the East India Company fleet, and suppressor of 'Bacon's Rebellion' in Virginia
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Her Majesty's Receipt of Exchequer, London. 12 November 1712.
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On one side of a 15 x 17.5cm. piece of paper. Aged and worn, with slight loss at jhead and left-hand margin. Begins (with manuscript text in square brackets): 'The [12] Day of [No]<...> 17[12] | Received by me [Sr Thomas Grantham] | the Honourable Russel Robartes Esq; One of the Four Tellers of Her Majesty's Receipt of Exchequer, the Sum of [fifty pounds] in full of all former Directions of the said Order, and for [Six] Months Annuity, due at [Michmas] last past, of [One hundred] Pounds per Annum, upon an Act of Parliament, (Entitled, An Act for granting an Aid to Her Majesty for carrying on the War, and other Her Majesty's Occasions, by telling Annuities of several Rates, and for such respective Terms or Estates as are therein mentioned:) [...]'. Grantham's bold signature is in the righthand margin, with the last letter of the surname underlined by him twice.