[ Crimea; "Trent Affair" ] Autograph Manuscript Third Person AND Signed "Raglan"

Lord Raglan [FitzRoy Somerset, 1st Baron Raglan], Comander of British troops in the Crimea.
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Varna [Bulgaria; Headquarters], 3 September 1854 (followed by a time "14 to 10 PM"?)
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Two pages, cr. 8vo, glue at margin from laying down in album, text clear and complete as follows: "The Comm[ande]r of the forces desires that the two Companies of the 50 Regt still on shore will furnish a working party of sixty men to cleanse the Trent Steaer lying off the wharves on the south side of the bay to ,morrow morning at day light. | The Commanding Officer will make every effort to get the men on board as early as possible by application to the first Naval Officer he may see on the beach or to the person in charge of any Transport boat he may be able to communicate with. | The Commanding Officer will inform the working party that they will receive double the usual working pay, if they clean the ship thoroughly [Underlined] and speedily [underlined]." Note: "RMS Trent was a British Royal Mail paddle steamer built in 1841 by William Pitcher of Northfleet for the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company. She measured 1,856 gross tons and could carry 60 passengers. Trent served the transatlantic passenger route until she was requisitioned by the British government on the outbreak of the Crimean War in 1854 for use as a troopship. She returned to her former civilian service in 1856. Her interception by USS San Jacinto during the American Civil War in November 1861 provoked the Trent Affair, also known as the Mason and Slidell Affair, which almost led to war between the United Kingdom and the United States."