[ Walter Scott; History of Scotland ] Manuscript Fragment of his Review of Joseph Ritson's "Annals of the Caledonians, Picts and Scots etc" [ History of Scotland ]]

Sir Walter Scott, novelist and poet
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Review published in the "Quarterly Review, vol.LXXXI, 120-162" (1829), and in Miscellaneous Works.
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MS, thirteen lines, piece of paper 20 x 7.5 cm, paginated by Scott top left corner "22", minor excisions and additions in his hand. The text goes from "Every species to oppression" to "inflicted by the Picts alone but by". A comparison between the text of the MS fragment and the Article yields the following: Scott's light punctuation is made more weighty (editor?); AND Scott has made changes including: a. "The Britons" to "The free Britons"; b. was effeminate" to "effeminate"; c. "would" to "could"; d. "mutual descent" to "common descent"; e. "reasons" to "motives"; f. "Britains" to "Britons"; g. "Centuries a time long enough even for a welsh man to have forgotten any original connection between them" to "a time long enough to puzzle pedigrees, even in the memory of a Welshman"; h. Gildas, the British Jeremiah" to "the British Jeremiah".