[ Wilfrid Henry Wells, sinologist. ] Typescript of his paper 'The Auditory Element in some Chinese Landscape Paintings. With Autograph draft of his paper 'A Blue-print of Chinese Landscape Painting | For the Use of Beginners' and portrait photograph.

W. H. Wells [ Wilfrid Henry Wells ] (b.1878), Reader at the University of Munich, sinologist
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The Typescript with authorial inscription: 'W. H. Wells | Reichersbeuern | Germany 13b'.
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There is no indication that either of the two papers was ever published. Wells's 1935 book, 'Perspective in early Chinese Painting' is considered the first Western treatment of the subject. The three items in good condition, lightly aged and worn. ONE: Typescript of 'The Auditory Element in some Chinese Landscape Paintings'. 6pp., with three plates (i.e. black and white photographs laid down on three leaves with typed credits). Bound up in a folder of orange card, with title and Wells's details on cover in his hand. At the head of the first page, the title is given in autograph, and is an amendment of the typed title '"Orpheus with his Lute" | Three Chinese Landscapes'. With a few minor autograph corrections. TWO: Autograph Draft of a paper titled 'A Blue-print of Chinese Landscape Painting'. 12pp., 4to. On twelve leaves, with autograph notes on two of the reverses. THREE: Black and white photographic studio portrait, presumably of Wells.