[ Printed item. ] Article by Richard Curle titled 'The Ray Society | Additional Notes and Reflections', in a copy of the magazine 'The Literary Repository', issued by the antiquarian bookseller J. Stevens Cox.

Richard Curle [ Richard Henry Parnell Curle ] (1883-1968), author, friend and associate of Joseph Conrad; J. Stevens Cox, Antiquarian Bookseller, Beaminster, Dorset; H. T. Kirby
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No. 3 / 1954. J. Stevens Cox, Antiquarian Bookseller, Beaminster, Dorset, England.
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Complete magazine: 16pp., folio. In good condition, on lightly-aged high-acidity paper. Three-quarters of the magazine is devoted to a catalogue by the publisher. It's catchy subtitle is 'A Quarterly devoted to the Printing of Unpublished Manuscripts and Original Articles of Archaeological, Historical, Literary, Sociological and Theological interest.' Curle's front-page article covers more than one-and-a-half pages, with the following prefatory note: 'The Article printed below is not only interesting in itself, but important as being in the nature of a Supplement to the author's book on the Ray Society which is just about to be issued by the Society at 10/6, and is advertised in this Catalogue. It is full of facts and ideas not mentioned in the book and should in its pamphlet form, be in possession of every owner of "The Ray Society: a Bibliographical History," by Richard Curle. The pamphlet, with a full-page frontispiece of John Ray (different from the portrait in the Ray Society's Bibliography), may be obtained from us at 2/6.' Curle explains that as a result of 'considered judgment, lack of space, pure ignorance, sheer forgetfulness', omissions have occurred to his book, which he will attempt to correct in what is a 'sort of brief and fragmentary Supplement. Other articles in the number are: '1821 Letter from New York', 'A Pedigree Book by H. T. Kirby' and '17th C. Latin Verse'.