[ Jacob Bronowski, mathematician, historian of science and polymath. ] Duplicated draft typescript of his essay 'The Disestablishment of Science', with signed authorship inscription to the economist Eric Roll, asking for help.

Jacob Bronowski (1908-1974), Anglo-Polish mathematician, historian of science, author and polymath [ Eric Roll (1907-2005), Baron Roll of Ipsden, economics and banker ]
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Typescript without place or date. Inscription dated 1 December 1970.
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[1] + 22pp., 8vo. On 23 leaves stapled together. In fair condition, aged and worn. The covering page, with title 'THE DISESTABLISHMENT OF SCIENCE | J. Bronowski', carries a synopsis of Bronowski's argument: 'Scientists have a duty to act as the conscience of society by always speaking the truth. They can do that only if they dissociate themselves from the apparatus of state.' Inscription on covering page: 'Eric Roll | - in the hope that you can help me with the unfinished, financial ideas at the end - | Jacob Bronowski 1 Dec 70'. The revised essay was published posthumously, in the collection 'A Sense of the Future' (MIT Press, 1977).