[ The Meteorological Office, London. ] 57 printed Daily Weather Reports, each containing Weather Chart; Forecasts; General Situation; General Remarks on the Weather over Europe; and full-page table of columns.

Meteorological Office, London [ R. H. Scott, Secretary ]
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[ Issued by the Meteorological Office, 63, Victoria Street, London. ] July and August 1891.
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The 57 items are uniform in layout, printed in lithograph on both sides of a 31 x 50 cm piece of paper, with two panels on each side, as intended to be folded into a 31 x 25 cm bifolium. The collection is in variable condition, on aged and worn paper, with all text intact. The text includes a large amount of facsimile handwriting. The first page of the intended bifolium is headed 'DAILY WEATHER REPORT. | for [date] 1891. | Issued by the Meteorological Office, 63, Victoria Street, London. R. H. SCOTT, Secretary.' Covering the first page is a table of weather measurements at the various stations. The second page of the intended bifolium carries two 'WEATHER CHARTS', with the third carrying the 'GENERAL SITUATION AT 8 A.M.' and 'FORECASTS'. The final page carries 'YESTERDAY'S 2 P.M. REPORTS' and 'GENERAL REMARKS ON THE WEATHER OVER EUROPE. | DURING THE PAST 24 HOURS.' From the papers of Sir Richard Harington (1861-1931) of Ridlington, 12th Baronet, who served in the London Brigade of the Royal Naval Artillery Volunteers from 1880 to 1891, and volunteered for the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve on the outbreak of the First World War.