[ The 'Portugal Illustrated' of Rev. William Morgan Kinsey, 1828. ] Sections of the Autograph Manuscript; Kinsey's Portuguese passport for the trip; ALS to his sister discussing the book and itemising profits and expenses; ALS from Rev. J. W. Hughes.

William Morgan Kinsey (1788-1851) of Trinity College, Oxford, clergyman and traveller in Portugal; Rector of Rotherfield Greys [ Rev. John William Hughes (d.1850), Rector of St Clement's Holywell ]
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The four items from between 1827 and 1831. The letter to his sister dated from Trinity College, Oxford.
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For information on Kinsey, see his entry in the Oxford DNB. Both editions of his book were published in London by Treuttel & Würtz; the first in 1828, the second a year later. Printed by Valpy, with illustrations by Gibbs and Pugin engraved by Cooke and Skelton, it is a product of an interesting period of English exploration of the Iberian Peninsular (Beckford's impressions of Spain and Portugal appearing in 1834). The present collection comprises a section of Kinsey's manuscript; a detailed costing of the book in a letter to his sister discussing the book's production and reception; Kinsey's Portuguese passport for the trip; and a gossippy letter from his fellow Fellow of Trinity College, Oxford, who has taken delivery of the plates. The four items are in fair condition, with light signs of age and wear. ONE: ALS from Kinsey to his sister. 4pp., 4to. Bifolium. Addressed, with red wax seal, to 'Miss Kinsey, | 1, Richmond Terrace | Clifton. | Bristol.' Trinity College, Oxford, 7 August 1828. Preceding the letter, on the first page, is an itemised breakdown of the 'Cost of First Edition' of Kinsey's book, together with the 'Produce of 1st edition', leaving him £87 out of pocket. The expenses begin with 'Valpy's bill for printg', £282, and ends with 'Skelton for Engravgs, drawgs, Paper boardg 350 copies, & other items', £350. Included are payments to 'Cook for Engravg &c', 'Pugin for drawgs' (i.e. Augustus Charles Pugin), 'Moses for engravg', 'Gibbs for drawgs', 'Lahee for printg Cookes plates', 'Pyall for colorg costumes', 'Wintle & others for blue linen'. The 'Total expenditure', including £30 added for woodcuts, is the enormous sum of £912. The 'Produce' of £825 is divided into two sections: £525 'By sale of 350 copies on India paper to Subscribers', and £300 'By sale of 400 copies at publishers exclusive of all allowances'. Beneath these calculations Kinsey begins his letter ruefully: 'Such, my dear Sister, is the result of all my hard labours. You see that I am positively out of pocket £87, which loss will be increased should Norton persevere in his claims. Taking him still as a friend this account might be shewn him & to my subscribers generally. I have written to Norton to tell him to supply his exclusive subscribers with copies procured in Town at my publishers, & that plan should settle the difference between us. I took his offer as that of a friend, & certainly never contemplated the delivery of my book to subscribers via a bookseller.' A long and detailed letter concerning the production and early reception of the book follows. TWO: Three sections of the autograph manuscript of Kinsey's book. Totalling 25pp., 4to. Comprising: firstly, a section of 9pp. from Letter 13, paginated 16-24; second, the commencement of Letter 14 ('Figueria – 1827.'), 4pp. paginated 1-4; third, another section from Letter 14, 12pp. paginated 17-28. Closely-written printer's copy, with emendations throughout, and a few sections of text on piece of paper pasted in. P.22 of the third section is headed: 'Continuation from Page 21. of 14th. letter.' There are two signed directions to printers by Kinsey. On the reverse of the fifth leaf of the third section (carrying p.21): '14th Letter | To be continued in next packet! | W M Kinsey'. And at the foot of p.22: 'To the Printer | Compose the lines in succcession from “Thus, Inez” to “Its plaintive wailings” - | W M Kinsey'. At the head of p.27 of the third section he writes 'Northcote'. On the first page of the first section the printer has written 'Z 353', and halfway down p.17 of the third section '2 B 385'. THREE: Kinsey's Portuguese passport. Printed document completed in manuscript. Headed 'Passaporte do Interior para Transito.' Damaged authorising signature at foot of 'Antonio Pedro de <...>'. The 'Assignatura do Portador' at bottom left: 'W. Kinsey'. One signed entry on reverse, dated 15 August 1827. FOUR: ALS to Kinsey from 'J. W. Hughes.', i.e. Rev. John William Hughes (d.1850) of Trinity College, Oxford, Rector of St Clement's Holywell, Oxford. Holywell, Oxford. 15 August 1931. 2pp., 8vo. Reoorting 'the safe arrival of your plates, accompanied with books of yours. (<?> history of France – some Portugals &c) all of which shall remain safe under my Care, and indeed under my Eye, for they are in my study'. He wishes him 'every success with your Church – I suspect when I come to Cheltenham to see you with a Shovel grey Worsteads a 1'Hildyard, but you never will rival him in his resplendent head however dimmed its rays may be by powder: - like something on a frosty morning. - I must tell you, that at our Theatre the other Evening, a man in the Gallery called out to a grey headed old Gentleman in the pit - “that he had slept in a damp bed last night, for his head was quite mouldy” - being original I have ventured to communicate such trash.' He ends by explaining that one of the packages 'contains the Coppers the other Portugals, the third book & impressions &c'. He ends in the hope that Kinsey 'may be as rich and as fortunate as your College'. Note: see my SKU #19357 for "Treuttel & Würtz, foreign booksellers, London: Fifteen items relating to the firm's account with Rev. W. H. Kinsey". See also related correspondence with Joseph Skelton, engraver, my #19529. All from the papers of the Harington baronets of Ridlington.