[ West Dereham Church Restoration Fund, Norfolk. ] Printed appeal and 'First Subscription List', following the 'collapse of the entire roof of the nave on St. Mark's day, 1901'. With photograph.

West Dereham Church Restoration Fund, Norfolk. [ W. Burleigh, Vicar; H. Steward and J. T. Horn, Churchwardens ] [ Sir Richard Harington (1835-1911) of Ridlington, 11th Baronet ]
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[ West Dereham Church Restoration Fund, Norfolk. ] Appeal dated June 1901. 'First Subscription List' undated [ 1901 ].
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Both items in good condition, on aged paper. ONE: Appeal dated June 1901, headed 'West Dereham Church Restoration Fund.' Signed in type 'W. BURLEIGH, Vicar. | H. STEWARD, | J. T. HORN, | Churchwardens.' Carrying a small photograph of the ruins of the church, flanked by a description of the church, 'dedicated to St. Andrew', and its features. Beneath these the appeal begins: 'This interesting Church is now lying in ruins, simply from the effects of old age, and the consequent collapse of the entire roof of the nave on St. Mark's day, 1901. | A complete survey of the building has been made, and a report delivered to the Vicar and Churchwardens, by Mr. Herbert J. Green, Architect, of Norwich. | From this report it is evident that to restore the Church to a condition worthy of its architecture, its history, and its purpose, a great deal must be done to the tower, the walls, floor, and windows of the nave, as well as to add a new roof and replace the seats demolished by the fall of the old one, the cost being estimated at £1624.' TWO: Headed 'West Dereham Church Restoration. | First Subscription List.' Two columns of names and sums in small print, the first headed: The Vicar of West Dereham acknowledges with deep gratitude the following donations, by payment or promise, to the above object: - | [...]'. At the end of the second column is a list of 'Under 10s', followed by 'Church Collections.' Final text: 'This list does not include numerous contributions made to Collecting Cards, for which the Vicar desires to express his gratitude. With the kind permission of the Editor of the Norwich Diocesan Gazette, donations received after Sept. 20th will be subsequently acknowledged in the same manner as above.' A contributor for £5 is 'Sir Richard Harington', and the two items derive from his papers. The restored church is one of 124 existing round-tower churches in Norfolk, and is a Grade I listed building. Scarce: no other copies traced.