[ Victorian Norfolk: auction catalogue. ] Particulars and Plan of the Highly Valuable Freehold Estate of the late Mr. Hugh Aylmer, comprising the Abbey & Manor Farms, in the Parish of West Dereham […]. [ With coloured fold-out 'Plan of Estates'. ]

Salter, Simpson & Sons in conjunction with Messrs. Bidwell [ Hugh Aylmer, Norfolk landowner and cattle breeder ]
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First Edition. 'At the Town Hall, Downham Market, on Friday, August 3rd, 1894.' Printed by the Bury Post Company (Limited), Bury St. Edmund's.

15pp., folio. Stapled. In light-green printed wraps. With black and white photographic frontispiece illustration of 'West Dereham Abbey'; and coloured 50 x 76 cm. fold-out 'Plan of Estates at West Dereham, Norfolk, for Sale by Auction by Salter, Simpson & Sons in comnjunction with Messrs. Bidwell 1894', by 'Alger & Son, Litho. Diss'. Aged, worn and creased, with rusted staples, and map with closed tear and fraying to its outer edge. Containing descriptions of the twenty-five lots into which the estate is divided for the purposes of the sale ('The Estate, containing 1170a. 2r.

[ West Dereham Church Restoration Fund, Norfolk. ] Printed appeal and 'First Subscription List', following the 'collapse of the entire roof of the nave on St. Mark's day, 1901'. With photograph.

West Dereham Church Restoration Fund, Norfolk. [ W. Burleigh, Vicar; H. Steward and J. T. Horn, Churchwardens ] [ Sir Richard Harington (1835-1911) of Ridlington, 11th Baronet ]
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[ West Dereham Church Restoration Fund, Norfolk. ] Appeal dated June 1901. 'First Subscription List' undated [ 1901 ].

Both items in good condition, on aged paper. ONE: Appeal dated June 1901, headed 'West Dereham Church Restoration Fund.' Signed in type 'W. BURLEIGH, Vicar. | H. STEWARD, | J. T. HORN, | Churchwardens.' Carrying a small photograph of the ruins of the church, flanked by a description of the church, 'dedicated to St. Andrew', and its features. Beneath these the appeal begins: 'This interesting Church is now lying in ruins, simply from the effects of old age, and the consequent collapse of the entire roof of the nave on St. Mark's day, 1901.

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