[ Sir Chih-Chen Lo-Feng-Luh, Chinese ambassador to London during the Boxer uprising. ] Autograph Signature ('Chih Chen Lofengluh') given while in office.

Sir Chih Chen Lofengluh [ Sir Chih-Chen Lo-Feng-Luh; Sir Chihchen Lofengluh ] (c.1850-1903), Chinese ambassador to London during the Boxer Rebellion
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London; 2 January 1899.
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On 6.5 x 11.5 cm piece of paper, cut from a larger document. In good condition, lightly aged. Reads: 'Chih Chen Lofengluh | 2nd. January 1899. | London'. There appears to be a circumflex above the 'en' of 'Lofengluh'. There are a variety of transliterated spellings for Lo-Feng-Luh's name. Lo-Feng-Luh was thoroughly anglicised. According to his (possibly syndicated) obituary in the Mercury, 15 June 1908: 'Sir Chih Chen Lo Feng-Luh, K.C.V.O., was Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of the Emperor of China to Russia. After a distinguished scholastic career he was, in 1877, attached to the Chinese Legation in London, and became secretary to Li Hung Chang in 1882. He played a prominent part in the peace negotiations between China and Japan in 1895. He was Chinese Minister in London during the Boxer outrages at Peking, and the drastic language then fearlessly applied to him by "The Times" for his duplicity and mendacity in regard to the safety of foreigners at Peking has probably never been equalled by any press organ towards the Ambassador of a Power to its own Government. "Shameless mendacity" was branded by "The Times" upon the chief of the Chinese Legation in Portland Place.'