[ John Henry Newman ] Autograph Letter Signed "John H. Newman" to the Rev. William Kinsey [William Morgan Kinsey (1788-1851), Rector of Rotherfield Greys, Welsh cleric and traveller]

John H. Newman [ John Henry Newman (1801?1890), Anglican priest, poet and theologian and later a Catholic cardinal ]
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Oriel College, 3 April 1828.
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One page, 4to, minor staining, mainly very good condition. He is writing to Kinsey to "secure a copy" of Kinsey's forthcoming book "Portugal Illustrated" [travels in Portugal]and get his name on the purchasers' list. He adds: "It has not been our fortune to meet for several years - do not think on that account I forget the pleasant days I have spent in your rooms & society when I was a poor undergraduate under your Decanal jurisdiction - alumnus tuus - It was only last week that one of our summer excursions was brought to my mind, when I was riding in Blenheim park - you may have forgotten our expedition to Blenheim you auriga [chauffeur] and I beside you - Perhaps some white day may still occur - when we may renew some such agreable expedition, unless indeed humble joys like them are beneath the attention of an accomplished traveller. | A dios (is this portuguese?) and believe me [...] | John H. Newman."