[ Arminius Vambery ] Subscription of Letter, including signature, "Yours very truly | A Vambery" with some text on verso of signature

Ármin Vámbéry, aka Arminius Vámbéry (1832–1913), Hungarian Turkologist and traveller
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11 x 4cm, some staining, damage to text with further loss of text (as well as the rest of the letter), most of text and signature legible. Surviving text as follows: "[led?] Travels, Messrs Cassel Teller & [Sulpin?] wished [me?] to some lengthy paper, would it suit to [sic} you if". Note: Vambery, a friend of Bram Stoker's, is said to have been the model for Van Helsing, the vampire hunter in "Dracula.".