[ Booklet on the 1906 'dispute between the Publishers' Association and the Times newspaper'. ] "The Times" and the Publishers. [ Containing 'Mr. Rudyard Kipling's Opinion'. ]

The Publishers' Association, Stationers' Hall, London [ The Times Book Club; Rudyard Kipling ]
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Second edition. Privately printed for The Publishers' Association, Stationers Hall, London. 1906. [ Boyle, Son & Watchurst, Printers, Warwick Square, London, E.C. ]
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32pp., 8vo. Stapled in brown printed wraps. In good condition, lightly aged, with slight rusting to staples. In seven sections: "The Times" and the Publishers; Opinion of the Society of Authors; Mr. Rudyard Kipling's Opinion [reproducing, pp.15-17, a long letter from Kipling to the editor of The Times, 20 October 1906]; “The Times” and the Publishers (Spectator); “The Times” on the Warpath (Truth); Book Clubs and Breeches Clubs (Truth); The Publishers' Grievance – Dr. A. Shadwell (The Times). The text begins: 'The Times has declared war upon the publishers, and the dispute is now being carried on under the eyes of the public. | The heading of the first manifesto is “An attempt at a Monopoly,” and it would be difficult to find any more appropriate description of the present state of affairs, for a monopoly of the well-known American kind is what the Times Book Club, under its American controllers, is now bent on establishing. To retort in their own phrase, they are “attempting to dictate terms to their own advantage without considering the rights of others.” Note beneath the 'Contents': 'The only point at issue between the Publishers and The Times is the limit of six months after publication during which second-hand copies of Net Books shall not be sold or offered for sale at a reduced price.' Scarce: the only copies of this second edition on OCLC WorldCat or on COPAC are at Oxford and at the British Library.