[ Artemus Jones, Welsh judge and nationalist. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Artemus Jones') to Sir Courtenay Mansel, attacking Lloyd George, and discussing the future of the Liberal Party.

Sir Thomas Artemus Jones (1871-1943), Welsh judge, nationalist and Liberal Party politician [ Sir Courtenay Cecil Mansel (1880-1933), Welsh barrister and Liberal (later Conservative) politician ]
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On letterhead of the Reform Club, Pall Mall, S.W.1. [ London ] 18 October 1925.
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4pp., 12mo. Bifolium. Lightly aged and worn. Written in a close, difficult hand, with the following readings tentative as a consequence. Addressed to 'My dear Mansel'. He begins by informing him that he is going to Swansea on a professional matter the following day, and that while there he will 'talk over' with 'Davie' the matter Mansel has mentioned, informing him of the result on his return. He next turns to Mansel's resignation from the Reform Club, which Jones regrets, while appreciating the reasons. 'I am afraid that things are going from bad to worse with the Liberal Party. I don't think we shall ever begin to recover till Squith [Asquith] and the <?> are out of the way. The former seems a piece of putty in the latter's hands, and although George [i.e. former prime minister Lloyd George] has abundant energy and drive, he is utterly lacking in those qualities of character which are indispensable to the cause of party leadership. Nobody visits him, and there is always the idea at the back of our minds that he is using Liberalism as a counter in gambling for another Coalition.' He refers to those who 'are disinclined to lift a finger to help him in another betrayal of the party'. There is a reference to the 'balderdash' which George is 'cultivating'. Jones has no doubt that George 'will go on with his propaganda, and will try to stampede the party into accepting it'. The only way of dealing with George is 'an open row, as he is far less harmful as an acknowledged enemy than he is as a treacherous associate'. In Jones's view the 'only future for Liberalism is to be found in an alliance between the Radical & Moderate Labour. Unseen forces are driving these elements into an alliance or co-operation much more rapidly than most people expect'. He concludes with news of his family and new country house on the Wye, from which he suggests visiting Mansel'.?>