[ Edmund Blunden, English poet and critic: 'My cat has tried to autograph the Item you lent me with her paws.' ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Edmund') to 'Daniel', with reference to Edmund Wilson's 'Hecate County' and Holbrook Jackson's 'To-Day'.

Edmund Blunden (1896-1974), poet and critic, Professor of Poetry at the University of Oxford, nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature six times
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"T. L. S." [ i.e. the offices of the Times Literary Supplement, of which he was assistant editor ] 13 February 1951.
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1p., 12mo. Written in Blunden's pleasant italic hand on the reverse of a printed compliments slip by the firm Victor Gollancz, Ltd. In fair condition, lightly aged. The note begins: 'Dear Daniel | My cat has tried to autograph the Item you lent me with her paws. I am sorry about that, for it is a list of remarkable interest as a glimpse of literary history: and thank you for sharing it with me.' Regarding Holbrook Jackson and a magazine he published between 1917 and 1923, Blunden writes: 'I wish H. J. were still editing To-Day; everything he touched obtained a pleasing life.' The final paragraph reads: 'I saw E. Wilson's “Hecate County” & imagine that one or two of the waxworks would be in danger of the Courts; tho' Casanova is in circulation . . .'