[ Frank Podmore of the Fabian Society and Society for Psychical Research. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Frank Podmore') to 'Russell'

Frank Podmore (1856-1910) of the Post Office, founding member of the Fabian Society, and influential member of the Society for Psychical Research sceptical of spiritualism
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On letterhead of the Post Office [ London ]. 27 May [ no year ].
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3pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In fair condition, lightly aged. The handwriting is difficult. Beneath the signature is written in pencil in another hand: 'Psychical Man.' The first paragraph concerns 'Macdonald's visit' and his own wife's return from Scotland. Podmore continues: 'We both feel that the world is better off with you & Mrs. Russell – I concede the greater comfort &c. - though I won't admit the purer air, or <?> height – almost unrivalled.' He is glad that 'Macdonald will be so well cared for', commenting that his wife was 'much disturbed that she could not stay in London to look after him'.