[ Sir Gilbert Scott and Mrs Evelyn's Camphill House, Wotton. ] 'Specification of Works' and five signed coloured plans by Scott, including four designs for 'Park Lodge', with ten other coloured plans relating to the improvement of the estate.

Sir Gilbert Scott [ Sir George Gilbert Scott (1811-1878), architect [ W. J. Evelyn of Campfield Place [ The Camp; Camphill ], Wotton, Surrey; James Howe; William Shearburn, Dorking surveyor ]
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[ Camphill House (The Camp; Campfield Place), Leith Hill, Wotton, Surrey [ also London and Dorking ]. Items dating from between 1854 and 1857, with one from 1896.
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A fascinating collection, providing an unusually clear picture of the 'improvement' of a country estate, involving a leading Victorian architect – Scott not only designed a new 'Park Lodge', but also proposed an 'addition to mansion' – and the collection includes 'Specifications of Works' and five plans by him. The collection also includes two sets of designs by James Howe for a 'Geometric Flower Garden', including lists of the flowers involved, together with a design for servant's quarters by William Shearburn, and a drainage system by him. The family of the celebrated diarist John Evelyn (1620-1706) have for centuries been substantial landowners in the parish of Wotton, Surrey (see Victoria County History and John Shenton Bright, 'A History of Dorking and the Neighbouring Parishes', 1884). The estate of 'Mrs. Evelyn' which features in this collection was situated at the foot of Leith Hill, the second-highest point in south-east England. It was known locally as 'The Camp', but although Items Seven and Eight (1854 and 1855) refer to it by this name, Item One refers to 'Camphill House', and Item Nine (in 1896) to 'Campfield Place'. The present collection comprises sixteen items, of which the fifteen plans are all coloured. The collection is in fair overall condition, with items for the most part lightly aged and worn, but with occasional heavier wear including closed tears. Items One to Six relate to Scott (the last five carrying his signature and address), of which Item One is the 'Specification of Works' for Camphill House, and Items Three to Five are attractive elevations showing his design of the exterior of the newly-built Park Lodge as an attractive brick and wood building in the the Tudor style. Items Seven to Nine are three plans of the entire estate, dated 1854, 1855 and 1897. Four items (Eight, Ten, Eleven and Twelve) carry the signature and London address of James Howe; and two (Thirteen and Fourteen), those of William Shearburn, surveyor, South Street, Dorking. The collection contains (as Items Seven to Nine) three plans of the entire estate, whose area is given by A. J. Sturges in 1896 in the last of three (Item Nine) as 12 acres, 2 roods and 34 perches. Items Seven (1854) and Eight (1855, by James Howe) give a 'before and after' picture of Mrs Evelyn's proposed improvements. The estate in 1854 consists of a simple shubbery, orchard, 'Common Field' and 'Kitchen Garden', with two ponds connected by a stream, and a cottage leased to 'E. EDWARDS' situated to the south-west of Mrs Evelyn's unnamed house. In her 1855 plans Mrs Evelyn proposes a radical improvement, with twisting paths, geometric garden, 'evergreen planting', 'Kitchen garden enclosed on three sides with a Brick Wall', 'Iron gate with piers', 'Parterre consisting of a compartment of Beds edged with Box upon gravel circumscribed by a grass Verge, grace circles for Vases & Sculptures (if this is approved of a working drawing to a large scale will be necessary)'. Also planned is an 'addition to mansion (proposed by Mr. Scott)', which, with new 'Stables & Coach House' and 'Office Yard' and 'Stables Yard', will connect her present 'mansion' to the 'cottage'. In the south-west corner of the estate, to the side of the gate at the boundary of the long straight approach to the mansion (leading in from the Abinger and Wotton road), is the 'Proposed Lodge' to be built by Scott. The 1896 plan indicates that most of the improvements proposed in 1855 were implemented, one exception being the extension of the mansion iteslf, and that the larger of the two ponds has become an 'ornamental water'. Scott's Park Lodge does not feature on the 1896 map, although a pencil note indicates its position ('Lodge at x') on the other side of the approach from the 1855 plan. The following description is numbered One to Sixteen. ONE: 'Specification of Works required in Sundry Works to Camphill House, Warten [sic, for Wotton] near Dorking Surrey'. By: 'Geo. Gilbert Scott, Architect R.A. | 31 Spring Gardens | London.' 7pp., 4to. On seven leaves attached with green ribbon. Specification on six leaves, with seventh a covering leaf carrying the words: 'Camphill House | Specification of Works | G. G. Scott R.A. | Spring Gardens'. Marginal synopses read: 'External Walls', 'Paving of floors and Drains', 'Slate Table and Dressers', 'Ventilating shaft', 'Window and frames', 'Fastening doors', 'Strengthening of Roof', 'Lowering in pavement in Court', 'Blocking up of Scullery door', 'New door from Court to Scullery', 'Lead flat over Entrance', 'Painting and color work to Colonnade', 'Painting &c &c &c to Staircase', 'Repainting of Cottage &c &c &c', 'Scaffolding'. Pencil annotation to margin regarding workmen required for the various jobs: 'A Stone [i.e. stonemason] on the premises may suit.', 'Plumber', 'Carpenter', 'Bricklayer', 'Painter & Glazier'. TWO: 'Design for Park Lodge for Mrs. Evelyn Wotton Hill Surrey | No. 1': 'Ground plan' and 'First floor Plan'. 46 x 65 cm. At bottom right: 'Geo. Gilbert Scott A. R. A. | Architect | 20 Spring Gardens | London'. THREE: 'Design for Park Lodge for Mrs. Evelyn Wotton Hill Dorking Surrey | No. 2': 'Front Elevation' and 'End Elevation'. Dimensions and Scott's signature and address as Item Two. FOUR: 'Design for Park Lodge for Mrs. Evelyn Wotton Hill | No. 3': 'Transverse – Section' and 'Back – Elevation'. Dimensions and Scott's signature and address as Item Two. FIVE: 'Design for Park Lodge for Mrs. Evelyn Wotton Hill Surrey | No. 4': 'End Elevation'. Dimensions and Scott's signature and address as Item Two. SIX: 'Camphill House near Dorking | plan of proposed alterations.' 55 x 76 cm, with trimmed corners. Cloth-backed. At bottom right: 'Geo. Gilbert Scott RA | Archt | 31 Spring Gardens | London'. A central plan (featuring scullery, terrace, 'Principal ent[rance]', and room with dress and table), flanked by three elevations (one 'shewing new door into scullery & old door blocked up') and a section. SEVEN: 'Plan of Property belonging to Mrs. Evelyn | Wotton Hill | The Camp | Dorking | 1854.' 36 x 49 cm. Worn and aged with loss to one corner. EIGHT: 'The Camp, Wotton. | General Plan of Proposed Arrangement to Suit Extension of Boundary. June 1855'. Signed 'James Howe'. 61 x 130 cm. Cloth backed. Colour-coded plan with table of fifty-seven 'References'. NINE: 'Plan of Campfield Place, Leith Hill, Wotton, Surrey. | The property of W. J. Evelyn Esqre. | 1896.' At bottom right: 'A. J. Sturges, | Architect & Surveyor, | Guildford. | October 1896.' 57 x 76 cm. Cloth-backed. Detailed plan (60 feet to 1 inch) with elaborate title. TEN: 'Mrs. Evelyn | Wotton Camp Hill' (title amended from 'Wotton Hill Camp'). At bottom right: 'James Howe | 18 Maida Hill West | May 1856'. 30 x 40 cm. Comprising an 'Elevation of Back Sheds', with 'Plan' of the same showing rooms for: Vinery, Plant House, Peach House, Mushrooms, Tools, Boiler, Open Sheds, Fruit. ELEVEN: 'Wotton Hill Camp. | Plan for Geometric Flower Garden.' 40 x 36 cm. Not signed by Howe, but in same style as Items Ten and Twelve. With a key, including the position of twelve 'Vases and Pedestals', with the different plants contained in each (from 'No. 1 Swedish jumper' to '12. Hybrid Rhododendrons'). Also: 'A. Compartment of Beds edged with Box combined with Scrolls done entirely in Box upon gravel, top dressed as indicated. Viz. The Red, Pounded Red, Tile Yellow, Pounded Yellow Brick, White, Derbyshire Spar'. TWELVE: 'The Camp House Wotton. | Revised Plan for Geometric Flower Garden'. At bottom right: 'James Howe | 18 Maida Hill West | Paddington | 17. Nov. 1857 -'. 47 x 38 cm. Different in design from Item Eleven, and with the key listing thirteen 'Plants'. THIRTEEN: 'Plan of Drainage for Mrs. Evelyn'. At bottom right: 'Wm. Shearburn | Archt & Surveyor | Dorking | 18 Nov 1857' 42 x 56 cm. FOURTEEN: 'The Camp Leith Hill | Proposed Additions for Mrs. Evelyn'. At bottom right: 'Wm Shearburn | Surveyor | Dorking | Nov 22/57'. 38 x 56 cm. A main 'Basement Plan' (featuring servants' quarters: Housekeepers Room, Kitchen, Pantry, Scullery, Butler's room), with 'Pair-Floor Plan', 'Roof-Plan' and two sections. In pencil in the right-hand margin are ten measurements, beginning with 'Ceiling Joists 3 x 2'. FIFTEEN: Basic plan of complex of garden buildings, featuring: 'Fruit Room', 'Open Shed', 'Boiler' and 'Mushroom House', 'Stage', 'Peach house', 'Green House' and Vinery'; with three sections: 'Peach house', 'Greenhouse' and 'Vinery'. On reverse: 'Mrs. Evelyn Camp Hill House | Wotton | Dorking'. Anonymous and undated. 39 x 52.5 cm. Cloth-backed. SIXTEEN: 'Plan of Drainage'. Undated. 48.5 x 61 cm. Featuring the area around the house and stables.