[Westland Aircraft Limited, British aircraft manufacturers.] A duplicated typed official company history headed 'A Brief Westland History'.

Westland Aircraft Limited, Yeovil, Somerset
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'With the compliments of Westland Aircraft Limited, Yeovil, Somerset.' Dated 'November 1971'.
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9pp., 8vo. On nine stapled leaves. At end: 'With the compliments of | Westland Aircraft Limited, | Yeovil, Somerset. | Tel: Yeovil (0935) 5222 | November 1971'. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. The start of the document gives an indication of the businesslike style of the narrative: 'In 1915 the Directors of Petters Limited, the long-established Somerset heavy oil-engine manufacturers, offered their services to help the war effort. | As a result, the Company was asked to make aircraft and given instructions to proceed with the construction of 12 Short 184 seaplanes. | A new factory was necessary, so a site was found on the outskirts of Yeovil and named Westland Aircraft Works. | By January, 1916 the first 184 was delivered and the original order for 12 was backed up by an order for 20 Short 166 seaplanes powered by a 200 h.p. Canton Unne engine. As a result a design office was set up to help finalise details on the floatplanes. | The company then designed and built two small single seat Scout floatplanes, the N.16 and N.17. Meanwhile, sub-contract work on Sopwith 1½ Strutters and DH.4's was keeping the new Westland Works fully occupied. | The swing to land-planes made the acquisition of more land essential and an airfield adjacent to the works was ready for use by the Spring of 1917.' Ends: 'With this general build-up of Westland its turnover has increased from £12,319,000 in 1959 to £46,235,000 in 1970.' no other copy traced (ViaLibri; COPAC etc).