[Henry Newnham, editor of right-wing anti-semitic magazine 'Truth'.] Reprint, in response to 'requests literally by the thousand', of two editorials attacking Leslie Hore-Belisha, Secretary of State for War: 'Belisha Once More', 'Belisha Is No Loss'.

Henry Newnham, editor of the right-wing anti-semitic magazine 'Truth', proprietor Major George Joseph Ball (1885-1961) [Leslie Hore-Belisha, 1st Baron Hore-Belisha (1893-1957), Liberal politician]
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[Truth, London.] Dated at head of first page 'January 19 1940'.
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The proprietor of Truth, Major George Joseph Ball was a Nazi sympathiser and anti-Semite, who became a political adviser to Neville Chamberlain in 1937, and used his journal to attack Chamberlain's political opponents, including Winston Churchill and Anthony Eden. The Secretary of State for War, Leslie Hore-Belisha, who was of Jewish extraction, was subjected to a sustained attack by the journal, but the extent to which this, and Ball's influence over Chamberlain, influenced his resignation in January 1940 is unclear. The present item is a duplicated typescript, produced by 'Truth' itself, reprinting two of its editorials as a result of alleged popular demand. 7pp. (numbered from the second page 2-7), foolscap 8vo. On seven leaves stapled together. In good condition, lightly aged. At top left-hand corner of first page: 'January 19 1940', and centred beneath this is the title of the first article (the later of the two to appear): 'Belisha Once More | by | Henry Newnham'. In the course of the article - written following the Hore-Belisha's resignation – Newnham attacks the Daily Mirror as 'the Jew-controlled sink of Fleet Street' for describing Truth as 'the most disreputable of obscure British weekly journals', and 'Belisha Is No Loss' as 'an article, of a meanness unparalleled even in its own scandal-mongering columns'. At the end of the article, on p.3, is the following note by Newnham: '(Since the above was written, requests literally by the thousand have been received in Truth office for copies of last week's issue. As they cannot possibly be fullfilled [sic] I am reprinting the article for the benefit of those who could not get TRUTH last week.)' The second (and earlier-published) article, titled 'Belisha Is No Loss', follows, pp.3-7.