[ Lady Byron ] Autograph Letter Signed "A I Noel Byron" to unnamed male correspondent (George Armstrong of Clifton Vale) about her view of "free and tolerant Protestant Churches".

Anne Isabella Noel Byron, Lady Byron, sometime wife of Lord Byron.
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Brighton, 17 March 1851.
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A substantial letter in length and quality. Three pages, 12mo, bifolium, very good condition. She begins by warmly recalling her initial meeting with Armstrong in Clifton after many years, saying she would "be happy to make acquaintance with your [underlined] work, though upon the subject of 'Infallibility' I have thought Whatelys Essay (or Sermon) all that could be said to satisfy those persons who were looking for an unerring guide or standard - | I hope that the result of all thses Theological controv[ersies] will be to make all [deleted] the Protestant Churches more free & tolerant - The only means of resistance to Priestly domination is, I concieve, to admit that the laity are the Church - & the best security against Intolerance is the Communist principle in Religion.- Should these views be sanctioned by yours,I shall feel grateful - | I wish you could hear the discourses of Mr Robertson of this place, in whom, as much as in any Preacher I have ever known, if not more, there is that Spirit which would regenerate Christendom could it be more widely diffused - | Pray add my name to the List of [scriber]s - the book to be sent by Chapman to Esher, Surrey." Note: the recipient is Sub[scriber]s identified through subject ("Infallibility"), date, and reference to Chapman, the publisher, who is to send the item to her, title "Infallibility not possible : involuntary error not culpable ; in letters, originally occasioned by the celebrated controversy, in Dublin, between Messrs. Pope and Maguire ... addressed to the attention of Roman Catholics ..." by George Armstrong (J.Chapman, 1851)