[Richard Brinsley Sheridant of Frome Court, Dorset, Liberal MP and grandson of the playwright.] Extensive tax return ('Succession Duty in Real Property'), signed by 'R. B. Sheridan', detailing tenants and tax on the extensive Frampton Court estate.

Richard Brinsley Sheridan (1811-1888) of Frampton Court, Dorset, Liberal MPand grandson of the playwright [his wife Marcia Maria Grant Browne Sheridan (1815-1884)]
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Frampton Court, Dorset. 17 September 1885.
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Richard Brinsley Sheridan (1811-1888) of Frampton Court was the eldest son of Thomas Sheridan (1775-1817) and his wife the novelist Caroline Henrietta Sheridan (1779-1851, born Caroline Henrietta Callander of Craigforth). He was the grandson of his namesake the celebrated playwright Richard Brinsley Sheridan. He was Liberal Member of Parliament for Shaftesbury, 1845-1852; and for Dorchester, 1852-1868. He also served as High Sheriff and Deputy Lieutenant of Dorset. He married Marcia Maria Grant (1815-1884) in 1835, and they had three daughters and six sons. The present item is a printed tax form, completed and signed by 'R. B. Sheridan'. 11pp., 4to, lsiting property that descended to the later R.B. Sheridan from the Playwright. Vellum-paper booklet, stitched with green thread. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. The form is titled 'No. 6. INLAND REVENUE. | SUCCESSION DUTY ON REAL PROPERTY, which includes all Freehold, Copyhold, Customary, Leasehold, and other Hereditaments, whether corporeal or incorporeal.' Begins, with manuscript parts in square brackets: 'An Account of the SUCCESSION IN REAL PROPERTY of [Richard Brinsley Sheridan] of [Frampton] in the County of [Dorset Esquire] upon the death of [Marcia Maria Grant Browne Sheridan] who died on the [14th.] day of [August] 18[84] derived from [Richard Brinsley Sheridan the Younger] the Predecessor under [an Indenture of Settlement dated the 4th. day of February 1860 and made between the said Richard Brinsley Sheridan and Marcia Maria Grant Browne Sheridan of the first part the said Richard Brinsley Sheridan the Younger of the Second part the Right Honourable Augustus Frederick George Warwick Lord Poltimore and the Honourable Adolphus Ferdinand Seymour commonly called Lord Seymour of the third part'. The property ('Gross rack-rental or annual Value', £9586 0s 3d) is described as 'The Mansion House now known as Frampton Court situate in the parish of Frampton with the lands thereto belonging and various Farms lands tenements and hereditaments situate in the several parishes of Frampton, Maiden Newton Sydling St. Nicholas, Frome Vauchurch, Nether Cerne Charminster, Bettiscombe, Bradford Peverell and Puddletown in the County of Dorset all which are set out in the Schedule hereto annexed.' The six-page schedule is signed by Sheridan. Arranged in a double-page table, with columns for: Parish; Name of Tenement; Tenant in 1860; Present Tenant; Gross Rack-rent or Annual Value; Land tax; Remarks. There is also a signed one-page 'Schedule of Incumbrances', with a page for 'Deductions' and an 'Assessment' on the final page, with tax stamp attached.