[Ancient Egypt; Leslie H. Fox (as 'Leon Rea' and 'Alan Quatermain').] Typescript, with autograph emendations, of 'The Forgotten Incarnation. A Novel of Romance', an unpublished work on the theme of reincarnation, set in Ancient Egypt and London.

Leslie H. Fox ('Leon Rea', 'Alan Quatermain'), English author [The Alliance Press, London; Ancient Egypt; reincarnation]
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Apex Literary Agency, 293 Grays Inn Road, W.C.1. [London]. Fox's addresses: 30 Cedar Road, Cricklewood; 8 Avenue Mansions, Finchley Road. No date [circa 1943 or 1944].
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[3] + 222pp. With additional page carrying two figures to be inserted in the text (the first a 'Bezel', the second two cartouches). Each page on the recto of a separate leaf. Autograph emendations throughout, including additional text on reverse of one leaf. Housed in grey-card punch-hold binder. The typescript and leaf of illustrations are in good condition, on lightly aged thick paper, the three pages of prelims are on creased and worn thin paper; the binding is heavily worn. Typed label on cover (pasted over other labels) from 'Apex Literary Agency, 293 Grays Inn Road, W.C.1. [London]: 'THE FORGOTTEN INCARNATION | by | Leslie H. Fox'. Address in manuscript inside front cover: 30 Cedar Road, Cricklewood. The first of the prelims is a 'Covering Sheet', on which (as well as on the second prelim) the name of the author is typewritten as 'Alan Quartermain', and on both this is amended in manuscript to 'Leon [Rea? Red? Ren?]'; on the second prelim the amended name is itself deleted and replaced by 'Late F/Sgt L H Fox RAF. V.R. [i.e. Volunteer Reserve]'. Beneath a white label at the head of the 'covering sheet' is a typewritten address: 'L. H. FOX | 8 AVENUE MANSIONS | FINCHLEY RD. N.W.3.' The novel, which is unpublished, is described on the covering sheet as 'A NOVEL OF ROMANCE.', with 'PERIOD AND LOCATION: | 3409 B.C. - ANCIENT EGYPT. | 1942 A.D. - LONDON, ENGLAND.' On the same page it is said to contain 'Approx: 80,000 words.' The third prelim carries the contents, and the novel consists of 37 chapters divided into four parts: 'Egypt, 4509 B.C.', 'The Diary, 1942 A.D.', 'Back to Egypt, 4509 B.C.' and 'Again the Diary, 1943 A.D.' An entertaining novel of reincarnation, written in a popular style, with the ancient Egyptian Rames corresponding to the modern Englishman Alan Blakeley, whose girlfriend Marion is Rames's Neferu. Fox published (self-published?) six volumes with the Alliance Press of London between 1944 and 1946: 'The Vampire, And Sixteen Other Stories', 'It's Haywire! Five Fast And Furious Farces', 'Perchance To Dream, And The Elusive Plot', 'Design For Murder, And Five Other Stories', 'The Heel of Achilles', 'Twisted Tales'.