[Charles Ball, Scottish boxer and 'The most Experienced and Skilful Teacher of Boxing and Indian Clubs in Scotland'.] Publicity leaflet, with account of his career, testimonials, press opinions and image of Ball in his 'Indian Club Entertainment'.

Charles Ball, Scottish boxer and 'Professor' of St James' Royal School of Arms, Edinburgh [University Gymnasium, Edinburgh; Fettes College; Gymnastic Academy, Greenock]
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St James' Royal School of Arms, 28 St James' Square, Edinburgh. Undated (circa 1893).
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4pp, 4to. Bifolium, printed in brown on cream paper. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper, folded twice. The first page is headed, beneath the royal crest, 'St James' Royal School of Arms, | 23 ST JAMES' SQUARE, EDINBURGH, | Professor Chas. Ball, | Master of the Art of Self-Defence, | “The most Experienced and Skilful Teacher of Boxing and Indian Clubs in Scotland.” - Vide Press. | Fifteen years Tutor in the University Gymnasium, Edinburgh; Tutor in Fettes College; | and formerly Tutor in the Gymnastic Academy, Greenock, etc.' An elegant production in late-Victorian typographic style. On the first page Ball gives an account of his career, noting first that 'A man who has boxed only with the gloves on, and has never had experience of a real fight, can only be considered as an amateur.' The account includes: 'When in my twentieth year, I was matched and won my first fight in the ring with Bill Owen for £5 a-side (11 rounds, 22 minutes), at New Holland, 2nd August 1856. On 24th November of the same year I fought Andy Godfrey, one of the biggest men in England (5 feet 7½ inches) at his weight, 8 st. 6 lb., with an immense reach. [Elsewhere he states: 'My weight never exceeded 8 st. 4 lb.; height 5 feet 5 inches.'] The stakes were £10 a-side, and the encounter lasted one hour twenty-six minutes, during which time I fought one hour fifteen minutes with one hand. My right hand was severely injured during the early part of the fight, and I lost by a foul.' (Later Ball states: 'We had to fight in those days'.) The page ends with reference to Ball's pupil 'J. R. Couper (Champion of Cape Colony)', who fought 'Woolf Bendoff (of Whitechapel, London), for the Championship of South Africa, and the largest stake ever fought for – namely, £4,500'. The last page carries an image of 'Instructor CHARLES BALL | In his Marvellous and | Graceful Indian Club Entertainment | Which has gained the most Favourable Opinions of the Public Press everywhere it has been given.' It shows Ball standing nonchalantly in gymnastic costume, left leg crossed in front of right, while leaning on a club, with another six clubs around him. Among advertisements of Ball's activities, including his fees, is a quotation from an article on 'Mr. Charles Ball at Greenock', from the Illustrated Sporting News, 14 November 1863, which refers to him as 'this accomplished Boxer'. The second and third pages are in small print and double column, the second carrying fourteen 'Testimonials' (1864-1892), the third twenty-four 'Press Opinions' (1874-1887). Crosses have been placed beside the last, from the Sportsman, 8 March 1883: 'Lieutenant Montgomery of Edinburgh, pupil of Professor Ball, amateur champion boxer of the British Navy, winner of the Queensberry Heavy-Weight Championship, defeating C. Phillips, Wooley, and F. Francis.' No other copy found, either on OCLC WorldCat or on COPAC.