[Lord Birkett, judge who officiated at the Nuremberg Trials.] Two Typed Letters Signed (both 'Norman Birkett') to 'Mr Burnett', i.e. Hugh Burnett, producer of BBC TV series 'Face to Face', regarding arrangements for his interview by John Freeman.

Lord Birkett [William Norman Birkett, 1st Baron Birkett] (1883-1962), judge, a British representative at the Nuremberg Trials [Hugh Burnett (1924-2011), producer of BBC TV series 'Face to Face']
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On letterhead of the Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, London, W.C.2. 25 May and 9 July 1953.
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'Face to Face', consisting of interviews of notable figures by John Freeman, was a television milestone, and Birkett's was the first interview in the series, broadcast on 4 February 1959. As Burnett recalled in his book of the series: 'Lord Birkett was the first guest on FACE TO FACE. It was a live transmission, as were most FACE TO FACE broadcasts, and much of the character and success of the whole new series depended on his candour and co-operation. We plotted together as we had often done in the past. He enjoyed broadcasting and he liked the challenge of attempting something new. He promised to be frank, and, in line with his candour, the cameras pushed in close, to carve his wise old head against the black velours, the back hairs rising characteristically away from his scalp in a gentle arc.' Both 1p, 8vo. The first letter aged and worn, with closed tears; the second in fair condition, lightly-aged. Both with punch holes from ring binder. ONE: He writes that he will be 'very glad to co-operate' with Burnett on his 'new series'. 'I am only at home at the week-ends, and have a Flat in London during the week.' He gives the address of his 'country home', Challens Green, and of his 'Flat' in Westminster, adding 'Perhaps you will come and see me in my room when I return. Here at home we have the delights of the grounds and the full size swimming pool; but in the Flat we are bare of the amenities!' TWO: He agrees on the date 9 July 1953 for a visit to Challens Green, and gives directions.