[ Isaac Milner, abolitionist ] Autograph Letter Signed "I Milner" to unnamed correspondent.

Isaac Milner, abolitionist, President of Queen's College, Oxford
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Queens Coll Lodge, [Cambridge], 25 October 1809.
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One page, 8vo, laid down on larger stiff paper, corner cut off with no obvious loss of text, good condition. Neatly written biography of Milner beneath the letter. "Mr Wood & myself request you very particualrly, upon the receipt of this note to come down to Cambridge immediately. Your [words inked out] assistance will very much facilitate a business we have now in hand. We hope you are in London, because the business does not admit of delay. Unless you are here to go to work with us on Friday, & on Saturday morning, it will be quiote too late. We have a meeting on Saturday in the afternoon. Write by return of post or rather bring yourself." NOte: "Isaac Milner FRS (11 January 1750 – 1 April 1820) was a mathematician, an inventor, the President of Queens' College, Cambridge and Lucasian Professor of Mathematics. He was instrumental in the 1785 religious conversion of William Wilberforce and helped him through many trials and was a great supporter of the abolitionists' campaign against the slave trade, steeling Wilberforce with his assurance before the 1789 Parliamentary debate." See Wikipedia also for his scientific contributions."