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[Sir Humphry Mackworth, politician, and industrial entrepreneur.] Manuscript Draft Petition from Mackworth's partners to the Lord Chancellor, claiming that 'mismanagement' of interests in Neath (Wales), and New York, will leave them 'entirely ruined'

Sir Humphry Mackworth [Sir Humphrey Mackworth], Tory politician and dubious industrial entrepreneur in Neath, Wales, and New York [Company of Mine Adventurers of England]
Publication details: 
[High Court of Chancery, London.] Circa 1721.

Mackworth was a flamboyant character, but whatever his flaws he played a major and innovative role in energising Welsh industry in the late Stuart period. For information on him and his dubious ventures, see his entries in the Oxford DNB (where his first name is spelt 'Humphry') and the Dictionary of Welsh Biography (where it is spelt 'Humphrey').

[Thomas Humphry Ward, author and journalist.] Autograph Card Signed ('Humphry Ward') to unnamed recipient, suggesting arrangements for an inspection of a portrait of 'H. [Sandwith?]'.

Humphry Ward [Thomas Humphry Ward] (1845-1926), author and journalist, husband of Mary Augusta Ward [née Arnold], who wrote under the name Mrs. Humphry Ward
Publication details: 
9 June 1910. Letterhead of 25 Grosvenor Square, S.W. [London]

On both sides of the card. In good condition, lightly aged. The recipient is not named. Reads: 'Dear Sir | I should like to see the [Sandwith?] portrait, & will take an early opportunity of calling at the Club. Perhaps, in case you are not there, you will kindly instruct the poert to shew it me when I call. The signature looks like H. [Sandwiths?] writing – but he certainly wore moustache & whiskers from 1850 onwards.'

[Mrs Humphry Ward, novelist.] Autograph Signature ('Mary A. Ward'), on letter in a secretarial hand, to 'Mrs. Story', suggesting - with 'a considerable hesitation' - a meeting when she and her family reach Rome.

Mrs Humphry Ward [Mary Augusta Ward] (1851-1920), novelist, author, educationalist and founding President of the Women's National Anti-Suffrage League
Publication details: 
On letterhead of the Hotel Timeo, Taormina. 3 April 1903.

2pp, 12mo. Creased and worn. Folded once. She explains that she and her husband and daughter are on the way to Rome, where they will stay at the Hotel Molaro for six days, and expresses the hope that 'we may have the pleasure of seeing you & Mr. Story during that time, if you are at home'. She admits that she feels 'a considerable hesitation about letting any of our friends in Rome know of our coming', as they are 'so overdone with “forestieri” at this time of year'.

[ Isaac Milner, abolitionist ] Autograph Letter Signed "I Milner" to unnamed correspondent.

Isaac Milner, abolitionist, President of Queen's College, Oxford
Publication details: 
Queens Coll Lodge, [Cambridge], 25 October 1809.

One page, 8vo, laid down on larger stiff paper, corner cut off with no obvious loss of text, good condition. Neatly written biography of Milner beneath the letter. "Mr Wood & myself request you very particualrly, upon the receipt of this note to come down to Cambridge immediately. Your [words inked out] assistance will very much facilitate a business we have now in hand. We hope you are in London, because the business does not admit of delay. Unless you are here to go to work with us on Friday, & on Saturday morning, it will be quiote too late. We have a meeting on Saturday in the afternoon.

[ William Allan, Quaker scientist and abolitionist. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Wm. Allan') to R. H. Marten

William Allan (1770-1843), Quaker scientist and abolitionist [ R. H. Marten [ Robert Humphrey Marten ] (1763-1839) of Broadway House, Plaistow, City merchant and Baptist minister ]
Publication details: 
No place. 19 November 1827.

Allan was an associate of Humphry Davy and Luke Howard. 1p., 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged. He begins by sending his condolences to Marten's family 'on the present severe trial with which it has pleased Providence to visit you' (the death of the second of Marten's three wives?), and continues with pious sentiments: 'To you the Stroke, although expected, must be heavy – but it is some consolation, that the amiable Sufferer is released from Pain, & from the troubles of this Life, and is gone to receive her reward'. Eight lines follow in the same tone.

[ Sir George Murray Humphry, Cambridge Professor of Anatomy. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('G. M. Humphry MD - F.R.S. | Professor of Anatomy in the University of Cambridge.'), a letter of recommendation on behalf of 'Mr. Henslow' [ George Henslow ].

Sir G. M. Humphry [ Sir George Murray Humphry ] (1820-1896), University of Cambridge Professor of Anatomy and Physiology [ George Henslow (1835-1925), Royal Horticultural Society Professor of Botany ]
Publication details: 
On letterhead of The Keys, Cambridge. 19 December 1867.'

1p., 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged. The words 'Professor Humphreys [sic]' have been written at the head in a Victorian hand. Humphry's letter of recommendation reads: 'Mr. Henslow's good reputation as a botanist inclined the University authorities to appoint him one of the Examiners for our Natural Sciences Tripos; & he has admirably fulfilled the duties of the Office. My personal knowledge of him assures me that he would spare no pains to justify his election as Professor of Botany and render his lectures acceptable to the members of the University of Oxford'.

[ Humphry Sandwith III, physician and Methodist. ] Autograph Letter Signed to 'Rev Mr Walker', asking him to promote a public meeting [ in Doncaster ], with reference to 'Mr. Greathead' and 'Revd. Mr. Macguire of Clerkenwell'.

Humphry Sandwith III (1792-1874), physician. and first editor of the Methodist journal 'The Watchman'
Publication details: 
[ Doncaster, Yorkshire. ] 'Sunday p.m. | Feby 14 1864'.

2pp., 12mo. Bifolium. He explains that his 'first object' in calling on Walker was to ask him 'to say a few emphatic words on the subject of the Notice you are requested to read this evening at Waltham Street. I refer to the Public Meeting to be held in the Public Rooms in Jarratt Street on Friday evening next at 7 o'clock.' He complains that 'Mr. Greathead simply read [last two words underlined] the Notice this morning; and unluckily he did this while the boxes were being circulated for the Chapel Fund Collection', and that 'the reading of it would, if heard at all, make little impression'.

Series of ten printed handbills by Mrs. Humphry Ward, on behalf of the Unionist Party in the General Election of 1910, under the title 'The Coming Election | Letters to My Neighbours | by | Mrs. Humphry Ward'.

Mrs. Humphry Ward [ Mary A. Ward (1851-1920), novelist ] [ Jerome K. Jerome ]
Publication details: 
Addressed from 'Stocks, Aldbury, Tring.', and dating from between 10 and 17 January 1910. Published by Smith, Elder, & Co, London, and printed by Spottiswoode & Co. Ltd, London.

A total of 41pp., 4to. Complete run of ten issues (a second edition, expanded to 63pp., appeared in the same year). In black cloth binding, with manuscript note on front pastedown: 'George H M Ricketts - | Lent to Mr Blackman with a hope that he will read it & circulate it amongst his friends.' Eight of the ten numbers are of 4pp.; one (no.4) is of 6pp; and another (no.10) of 3pp. Uniform in design and all printed in blue ink.

[ Mrs Humphry Ward, English novelist. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Mary A. Ward') to 'My dear Violet'

Mrs Humphry Ward [ Mary Augusta Ward, neé Arnold ] (1851-1920), English novelist, born in Tasmania
Publication details: 
On letterhead of Stocks, Tring. 12 March 1895.

3pp., 12mo. Bifolium with mourning border. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper. She apologises for the delay in writing, explaining: 'my hand has been dreadfully lame, & I have no secretary'. She explains that she has spoken to 'Mr. Craufurd' regarding the cottage, but that there is 'an old lady here, the widow of a farmer, a certain Mrs. Mead, who is supposed by Mr. Craufurd to have a prior claim'. She discusses whether Mrs Mead truly wants the cottage, and the possibility of making alterations to it, ending with remembrances to the recipient's father and mother.

Manuscript account [by Rev. Richard Lyne?] headed 'Humphry May an old Man of Back in Egloshayle parish brought a parcel to Little Petherick, and the following are some of his 'xpressions [expressions]', giving a transcript in West Country dialect.

[Rev. Richard Lyne, Rector of Little Petherick, Cornwall?; Humphry May of Back in Egloshayle Parish]
Publication details: 
Without place or date. [Little Petherick, Cornwall; 1830s?]

2pp., 4to. 50 lines of text. On a single leaf of wove paper. Good: lightly worn on aged paper with slight damage to two words. A delightful exchange, with May's reply to the offer of a glass of rum beginning: 'Thanky Maister tis a nice dram. Ive agot the rousy cum stoundrums in my ears with the could. I pute a man to smoke perbacky in mun, and I rousted a Tryan and squeery cum squaten in till I sweat again with the hett and pain'.

Autograph Signature on fragment of letter.

Jane Davy (1780-1855, nee Kerr, and previously Apreece) Scottish wife of the English scientist Sir Humphry Davy (1778-1829)
Publication details: 

On piece of paper 13 x 8.5 cms. Lightly spotted and discoloured. Traces of previous white paper mount on blank reverse. Reads '<...> certainly go, & see with a true sentiment of respectful Love, the Bust you mention. I have been very ill for sometime, & I am very much still of an Invalid. I am very | Truly Yours | [signed] Jane Davy | Monday | May 19th. 1851.'

Autograph Manuscript headed 'Proposed Porson Scholarship is open to Freshmen only - Examination in the October term, exclusively Classical. | Objections to the Grace for accepting this Foundation.'

William Gilson Humphry [sometimes misspelt 'Humphrey'] (1815-1886), biblical scholar, Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, and Vicar of St Martin-in-the-Fields, London
Publication details: 
21 October 1846; Trinity College, Cambridge.

4to (26.5 x 22 cm), 2 pp, 30 lines of text. On discoloured and lightly creased and stained paper, with some chipping to extremities, but with text clear and entire.

Autograph Signature ('Mary A. Ward.') on fragment of letter.

Mary Augusta Ward (1851-1920, nee Arnold), English novelist 'Mrs. Humphry Ward'
Publication details: 
Docketed '1914' in pencil.

On piece of lightly discoloured paper roughly 4 x 10 cms, with horizontal fold on left. Reads '[typed] Yours sincerely, | [signed] Mary A. Ward.' Docketed in pencil at foot 'Mrs Humphry Ward 1914'.

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