[Thomas Humphry Ward, author and journalist.] Autograph Card Signed ('Humphry Ward') to unnamed recipient, suggesting arrangements for an inspection of a portrait of 'H. [Sandwith?]'.

Humphry Ward [Thomas Humphry Ward] (1845-1926), author and journalist, husband of Mary Augusta Ward [née Arnold], who wrote under the name Mrs. Humphry Ward
Publication details: 
9 June 1910. Letterhead of 25 Grosvenor Square, S.W. [London]

On both sides of the card. In good condition, lightly aged. The recipient is not named. Reads: 'Dear Sir | I should like to see the [Sandwith?] portrait, & will take an early opportunity of calling at the Club. Perhaps, in case you are not there, you will kindly instruct the poert to shew it me when I call. The signature looks like H. [Sandwiths?] writing – but he certainly wore moustache & whiskers from 1850 onwards.'

[ Humphry Sandwith III, physician and Methodist. ] Autograph Letter Signed to 'Rev Mr Walker', asking him to promote a public meeting [ in Doncaster ], with reference to 'Mr. Greathead' and 'Revd. Mr. Macguire of Clerkenwell'.

Humphry Sandwith III (1792-1874), physician. and first editor of the Methodist journal 'The Watchman'
Publication details: 
[ Doncaster, Yorkshire. ] 'Sunday p.m. | Feby 14 1864'.

2pp., 12mo. Bifolium. He explains that his 'first object' in calling on Walker was to ask him 'to say a few emphatic words on the subject of the Notice you are requested to read this evening at Waltham Street. I refer to the Public Meeting to be held in the Public Rooms in Jarratt Street on Friday evening next at 7 o'clock.' He complains that 'Mr. Greathead simply read [last two words underlined] the Notice this morning; and unluckily he did this while the boxes were being circulated for the Chapel Fund Collection', and that 'the reading of it would, if heard at all, make little impression'.

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