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[Sir Humphry Mackworth, politician, and industrial entrepreneur.] Manuscript Draft Petition from Mackworth's partners to the Lord Chancellor, claiming that 'mismanagement' of interests in Neath (Wales), and New York, will leave them 'entirely ruined'

Sir Humphry Mackworth [Sir Humphrey Mackworth], Tory politician and dubious industrial entrepreneur in Neath, Wales, and New York [Company of Mine Adventurers of England]
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[High Court of Chancery, London.] Circa 1721.

Mackworth was a flamboyant character, but whatever his flaws he played a major and innovative role in energising Welsh industry in the late Stuart period. For information on him and his dubious ventures, see his entries in the Oxford DNB (where his first name is spelt 'Humphry') and the Dictionary of Welsh Biography (where it is spelt 'Humphrey').

[Rev. T. Mardy Rees, author of 'History of the Quakers in Wales and their Emigration to North America'.] Printed handbill advertisement for the book, with quotations from newspaper reviews. and MS annotation.

Rev. T. Mardy Rees, F.R.Hist.S., Neath, S. Wales [Thomas Mardy Rees (1871-1953); Welsh Quakers]
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Dating from after the publication of the book, by W. Spurrell & Son, Carmarthen, in 1925.

See Rees's entry in the Welsh Dictionary of Biography. Printed in red and black on one side of a 12mo leaf. Aged and creased, with loss at head and a couple of short closed tears at edges. Gives price and format, with nine appreciative quotations from newspaper reviews, the first from 'Western Mail' and last from 'A Friend'. At foot of the page, crossed out in pencil: 'Printed and Published by | W. SPURRELL & SON, CARMARTHEN.' To the right of the author's name, in ink, and presumably in his hand: 'Sent to the author', and to the left, 'Few copies left.'

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