[Mrs Humphry Ward, novelist.] Autograph Signature ('Mary A. Ward'), on letter in a secretarial hand, to 'Mrs. Story', suggesting - with 'a considerable hesitation' - a meeting when she and her family reach Rome.

Mrs Humphry Ward [Mary Augusta Ward] (1851-1920), novelist, author, educationalist and founding President of the Women's National Anti-Suffrage League
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On letterhead of the Hotel Timeo, Taormina. 3 April 1903.
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2pp, 12mo. Creased and worn. Folded once. She explains that she and her husband and daughter are on the way to Rome, where they will stay at the Hotel Molaro for six days, and expresses the hope that 'we may have the pleasure of seeing you & Mr. Story during that time, if you are at home'. She admits that she feels 'a considerable hesitation about letting any of our friends in Rome know of our coming', as they are 'so overdone with “forestieri” at this time of year'. The letter concludes: 'If there is any afternoon when you would naturally be at home & would let us come in & see you, it would be delightful'.