[Claude Phillips; Wallace Collection ] Two Autograph Letters Signed "C.P." to an unnamed correspondent ("Dear Friend")

Claude Phillips, Art Historian, first Curator of the Wallace Collection.
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One from 40 Ashburn Place, SW, 9 May [no year given]; the other from a hotel in Munich, 24 Aug. [1910 written in another hand].
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Total 7 pp., 8vo, bifoliums, sl. battered but text clear and complete, if a bit of a scrawl. Letter One (Ashburn Place): He wants to meet up soon, and gives response to a performance of Gotterdammerung - "no impression". But he goes again "for his sins". Letter Two (Munich): He wonders if his "Friend" has been suffering, wondering what cure he's tried (active or "peace and rest"). He describes his reponse to such a situation. "I fidget and worry too much about things, and wear myself to death when my mind is not occupied". He's been away from Engand for three weeks, "suffering". "Morally [underlined] I am better, but physically [underlined] I fear worse." Headaches etc. " "a horrid running down of teh nerves, like the mainspring of a watch that nears stoppage!!" "I was at Brussels and Antwerp, and at the former place saw, not [undelrined] the Universal Exhibition [hence dating of letter 1910] but that very fine one of XVII Flemish Art, which is quite apart, and away, from the other." He's heard a "very good Ring [underlined]", naming the leads, and looks forward to Meistersinger, and some Mozart He outlines another musical prospect. "I am obliged to do something every night so as to avoid solitude and self communing as mich as posssible, In front of me is nothoing [underlined]. Let me hear from you soon again ; the Wallace Collection (to be forwarded) will always find me. Affect[ionall]y C.P."