[Kostaki Musurus Pasha, for thirty-five years Ottoman ambassador to Great Britain.] Autograph Envelope Signed ('Musurus'), with his seal in red wax, addressed by him to 'The Right Honble. Benjamin Disraeli M.P.'

Kostaki Musurus Pasha [Konstantinos Mousouros] (1807-1891), Ottoman ambassador to Great Britain for thirty-five years, 1850-1885 [Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881), Conservative Prime Minister]
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Without date or place [London, between 1850 and 1872.] Envelope supplied by the stationer Acton Griffith, 8 Baker Street, London.
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Only the envelope is present, with the address written out in Musurus's elegant hand (he was a learned man and translated Dante into Ancient Greek), and with Musurus's seal, bearing an inscription in Arabic, in red wax on the reverse. The contents are lacking. The envelope is 8 x 13.5 cm. It is in fair condition, aged and worn, lacking the flap, and with a tear at the head of the front panel. The entire text is in Musurus's autograph. The word 'Private' is underlined at top left; the signature 'Musurus', with loose under- and overlining is at bottom left. The letter is addressed to: 'The Right Honble. | Benjamin Disraeli M.P., | &c. &c. &c. | 1 Grosvenor gate W.' The seal on the reverse is a good impression, lightly cracked. Disraeli lived at Grosvenor Gate between 1839 and 1872. Disraeli's papers in the Bodleian Library contain Musurus letters from a later period, 'relating mainly to the Eastern Question', and covering the years 1875-1881. That period includes Disraeli's successful policy over the disintegration of the Ottoman Empire and the resulting Russian encroachment in Easter Europe, culminating in his achievement of 'peace with honour' at the 1878 Congress of Berlin.